Mother Brain

Mother Brain was in an old tv show called Captain N:The Game Master and Mother Brain looked like this…MotherBrain.jpg and if you want more imformation about mother brain you can visit :laughing:

Edit:Here is the first episode of Captain N:The game master…20game%20master and here is the intro of the show…20game%20master

Crazy cool.

I first saw that image on XD (I go there for the game sprites generally.)

Poor poor mother brain. She just sits there in a jar waiting for a chick in space armor to just come and shoot missiles at her.

WHAT THE HECK!!! that is not Mother Brain that is NOT the mother brain.

That picture makes her look more like a tree. IMO, Zero Mission gave the best image of Mother Brain.

Also, why is she holding a chest? Who the hell came up with Captain N?!

Um, what is Captain N?

Old cartoon show/comic book about a guy who travels to worlds from various Nintendo games. The show featured Megaman as one of the characters, but since they couldn’t get the rights to it again they replaced him with Samus for the comic. Motherbrain was the main villain in both however.

Could we get a linky?

If a DVD legally makes its way into the US, I will eat radioactive slime and destroy every shipment with the super powers I will possibly recieve.

EDIT: Or I’ll just die and not have to suffer seeing the commercial.

I would watch that show just to see Dr. Wright.