most powerfull metroid

what is the most powerfull metroid? i think if metroid prime was left in impact crater to grow stronger, metroid prime would be strongest. but it could be the quenn, or the super metroid

What, you want us to flatter you because you’re the “King Metroid”?

There is no real way to tell which one is the strongest. The different games have different damage ammounts for missiles and you don’t even fight the super metroid for that long.

Between Prime and the Queen, Prime wasn’t allowed to get stronger, and the Queen took alot of beating before she died, so I’d vouch for the Queen.

Probably the queen. Prime had deflector screens, but the queen took 150 missles to take down, and if Metroid 2 was remade in 3d, queen would probably be alot harder (it could generate metroids like prime, probably stronger ones). The queen has an endless army of drones to assist it as well, so point for point, the queen.

hmm id have to say MP. cause damage was more realistic in MP if mp was in a sidescroller, it would probly take much more missiles to kill. just the fact that MP had tehnology integrated with its system tells me it is probly stronger.

wel, queen was harder, but metroid prime is easy, but in real life in a fight prime would kill the queen with phazon.

Do you think that Metroid Prime and Metroid Queen would even fight? And in real life!?

okay how about in a metroid matchup situation, the MP would kill the queen. idk maybe they fight for control of the metroids.

What the hell are you basing this on? You automatically say “MP wins”, but why?

Are you ignoring the fact that the queen is not only huge but has the entire species to help her? Even if you discount all of the other metroids, it can still spawn them and probably at a very fast rate, much faster than Prime can spawn fission metroids.

Of course I’m not noobishly biased, so I’ll put up the positives for Prime.

Prime has adapted weapons, obviously giving it alot of firepower. It can also spawn fission metroids which are decidedly tough.

But of course, there are problems with that. I already described the offspring part, so what about the weapons?

You can’t pull that because only the baby metroids are vulnerable to that. Of coure that poses a threat to the drones, but with the queen staring down Prime’s throat, I doubt it will have time to bother with them. And for firepower? Prime may have weapons, but the queen is one tough bitch and takes a shitload of missiles to kill whereas Prime doesn’t seem to hold up that well when it has it’s shell.

Ok, the kicker here is Phazon. Phazon isn’t uber, for the last time. It has it’s good points, but it won’t save you. There’s technicalities with MP (the actual game), too (You can only kill it with “Phazon Beams” which the queen doesn’t have), so obviously you can’t face them that way because there is 0% chance that the queen will win. That’s impossible since there must be some degree of damage dealt, so you’d have to go by brute force. The queen is a big, muscular, er… muscle. It’s a mad animal which is the monarch of it’s species (of course it would try to defend them so you have some insticntive incentive there.) Prime on the other hand lacks any form of shell once you blow it off, leaving it in a gelatinous, but still somewhat solid form like baby metroids. This is where the queen’s spawn comes into play. The baby metroids will try to feed on Prime since it is the most abudant source of energy there. Prime’s fission metroids probably won’t have the brains to pick off the other metroids, so they’ll go for the queen. The queen would have a better chance at surviving an energy sapping attack because most of it is covered in plate armor, leaving few body parts vulnerable to the fission metroids’ mouths. Prime, on the otherhand, is just one big blob of energy and could be latched onto at any time anywhere. Prime could put up a fight, but with enough baby metroids swarming it, Prime would be literally “consumed” while the queen might still be alive at this point. The baby metroids, freed up by this time, will attack the fission metroids, along with the queen. The old queen might die by now, but I doubt alot of fissions survived while it was thrashing and biting them.

So there you have it. I think that’s how it would boil down. Note: I based this on an open playing field void of anything, no tunnels (cover) for the queen and no phazon pools for Prime. When I say the queen can spawn fast, I’m basing it on our world’s animal kingdom, like bee queens who can lay eggs dozens of times in a day or maybe even less.

Actually, omegas have been shown to be weak to the ice beam too, so it’s not just larvas. Although that might have been a side effect of the GF cloning process…

Hmm, i dont think prime could take the queen. The queen has no vulnerbility to ice, even though its drones do. But the queen would have an endless army, and brute force from an omega could squash a fission metroid. Primes shell couldnt take a bite from the queen, followed by clawing from several omegas. And while prime has more destructive power, i dont think it could handle all the metroids at once. After all, primes weapons are the weapons of the space pirates, and they’d get owned in a second.

They weren’t weak like that in M2. The developers most likely did that to give you an excuse to take the SA-X parasite. I see your point, Daz, but that was just one metroid (the only metroid) in a game which didn’t even include the queen.

Edit: Red, get rid of the Omegas. Only think about what the Queen and Prime can do. They can spawn the early metroids and fission metroids, but the others are out of the question. We’re trying to base this on a one-on-one confrontation.

Here’s what I think would happen if the queen faced MP:

The queen can’t fire beams, Metroid Prime’s exoskeleton is only weak to beams, Metroid Prime’s exoskeleton can fire missiles, the queen can be damaged by missiles. There you have it >_>

If it’s the true form of Prime we’re talking about, Metroid spawns are out of the question since they wouldn’t exactly attack any of their leaders. Can Metroids even suck energy from other Metroids? Anyway, MP’s true form can’t be destroyed from what we know so far. Not by force, not by phazon. It’ll just keep coming back transformed. The queen would probably take damage from the blast MP can make. If not, then it’s a tie until MP gets blasted by phazon and steals a phazon suit upgrade or some other crazy thing happens.

Troid, what the hell?
Prime’s exoskeleton can be broken. Just because you can’t bash Prime with your fists in the game doesn’t mean that shooting it is the only way to kill it. Enough brute force, which could very well be supplied by the mass of the queen, will fracture or actually crush anything. There is no such thing as adamantium which is extremely hard and unbreakable.

Metroid spawns not attacking leaders? That’s like saying the queen and Prime wouldn’t be fighting anyway. It’s a one on one with two sides facing each other. The spawns would obey the one they were born/created from.

True form can’t be destroyed, huh? Well, Metroids suck the energy out of their victims. It doesn’t necessarily blow them up. Phazon is energy which can be absorbed by Metroids, correct? It’s also the same with life force energy (of course Metroids could suck the energy out of other Metroids, they’re still creatures with life forces!). The metroids the queen spawns would suck Prime dry. It would simply be dead, nothing else to it.

Well, then, if Prime’s exoskeleton is going to be weaker than in the game, then why can’t we make the Queen weaker as well? What if a giant claw slash through the Queen’s neck is an instant kill and we just don’t know about it? Our only canon material is in the games, and in the game MP can only be damaged by beams/beam combos (unless the scan says otherwise, but I remember it saying it’s only weak to beams).

Good second point, I guess. But then we don’t know who’s weak to Metroid sucking since that’s never happened, so we should leave that out anyway. I suppose the armor could give her a little bit of an advantage, but she doesn’t have the long-range Hunter Metroids or duplicating Fission Metroids. Can we just say it’s a tie Metroid spawn-wise?

I suppose MP could be sucked dry like that, but that would mean the Queen got through the exoskeleton somehow. Meh, this whole thing depends on way too many variables. Who’s to say the Pirates would have made this armor in the imaginary battle we’re discussing? Whatever, I’m going undecided with this.

Metroid prime could be damaged by brute force. You forget, metorid primes shielding is putting up defenseive screens (forcefields basically), and since the queen isnt an element, they would have no effect on her. The prime’s melee combat could outmatch the queens. But aside from that, Isnt metroid prime bigger than the queen??

Sorry, but I’ve got to continue :neutral_face:

I never said once that I was making the exoskeleton weaker. I’m just saying that, if we go by the games, it would be no fair because the Queen isn’t Samus with beams and missiles and whatnot. I’m talking about how the huge muscular nature of the Queen could break pieces of the exoskeleton off and proceed to attack the essence. Of course the Queen would be vulnerable as well, but I’m basing her armor’s superiority on the actual number of missiles used to them both. This can be rationalized because the first part of the Prime fight was to specifically break off the armor outside. The Queen was just a mass of armor, flesh, and muscle, so it was definately resilient, especially when it took 150 missiles to kill it whereas Prime’s shell didn’t last nearly that long.

Prime never spawned Hunter Metroids. They were mutations of existing Metroids brought down by the Frigate when they were exposed to Phazon. True, the fissions are doubly tough, but the Queen was responsible for creating an entire hive on the planet, so it would spawn them fast. Thus, the Queen’s forces would either match the fissions’ two forms or exceed them. I don’t think you discount the spawns, either, because that nagging technicality in the game would make Prime impervious, thereby giving the Queen no chace at all. It would be like matching up Batman versus Superman and Batman didn’t have any kryptonite on him.

You’d have to go test that. I remember using almost my entire storage of 250 missiles when I fought it using only beam combos. I don’t think normal missiles damage it either (just those orb things), but I don’t think I’ve ever tried.

In the MP Essence battle (NTSC version at least) MP summons regular Metroids, then Hunter Metroids, then Fission Metroids, in that order, relative to the damage done.

Which is why I’m beginning to go undecided. The game versions would lead to an obvious MP victory, but it’s a really unfair challenge that way. That’s like saying Prime would lose to a tiny creature from MP2 that can only be destroyed with the light beam (well, only if the creature could fire an elemental beam). Or Dark Samus and a Plasma Trooper.

There’s no way that you used your entire complement on it. I’ve done it with just supermissiles and had a good 150 left (I missed several shots too, so…)

Oh yeah, I forgot about the other Metroids… >_> How the hell did I forget? Has it been so long? Or maybe I just killed it so fast… lol. Yeah, I dunno.

Yes, the “kryptonite” thing. I was trying to rationalize it the best way I could. I tried my best to overcome the game’s technicalities and whenever I ran into holes I filled it in with real “today” stuff. I guess we’ll never really know…

What about flamethrower, and wavebuster, and ice spreader? >_>

Okay, well, the beam combos in MP are so unbalanced and suck up all your missiles that I guess they don’t really count much <_<

Jesus H. Christ… It has to have been too long. I feel like a retard… :cry: Still, I only played it through once because it didn’t belong to me, lol. I don’t play it anymore, if that’s any form of defense…

Yeah, I definately forgot and acted stupid, but I do remember a number of about 150. I must not have used alot of missiles, just charge shots or maybe I didn’t even use the other combos… Shit, that means that the numbers would be off because the charges on the Ice and Plasma are stronger than that of the normal beam. I wish we could just tear into the game and find out how many HP’s it has.