Most kick ass starships

well,basicly this is the question, pick the starship that turns you ON!!!

my is from metroid prime 2 echoes(that sorta look like the starship of supermetroid)

I don’t seem to recall any kind of starship turning me on, I usually leave that job to scantily clad females :naughty: :naughty: :mrgreen:

But in any case, I do prefer Samus’ ship in Echoes.

ZM’s was hot. Fusion’s was badass. The others are too plain. Plus I hate orange.

ZM’s looks the coolest, but still too bulky.
I hate Fusion’s it’s tall and is large too.
Prime’s is WAY!!! to big.
Echoes is er…orange-looks like Samus.
SM/ ROS same as above^

So they all aren’t great.

Super Metroid and Prime2 Rock :smiley:

Prime 3.

I would not cry if they made Prime 2’s ship model the standard

If ships from non-released games count… The one from P3. It owns.

If it’s only ships from released games… The one from Fusion. :neutral_face:

Ya but the one from Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 2 rocks :O_O:

I wouldn’t use the term “turn on” for a starship.

But I like fusion’s and SM/Echoes’. Zero Mission’s looked a bit more meh than the other ones.

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