Most anticipated upcoming Metroid?

Most anticipated upcoming Metroid?

  • Metroid Dread (Yes another 2D side scrolling Metroid!!!(still a rumor))
  • Metroid Hunters( the 3D prime-styled Metroid for the DS!!!)
  • Metroid Prime 3( it has been anounced as a title for the rev. Prime3, 3D)
  • Metroid Pinball ( Like Mario Pinball but for teh DS and is Metroid.)
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What is the most anticipated upcoming Metroid?
Can i motify my poll sumhow i forgot the name of the 2d sidescroling rumor Metroid: Dread, you may have guessed.

I think metroid hunters cause it has new bounty hunters in it with a cool multiplayer ! :smiley:

A no-brainer there. Metroid Prime 3 for me. Dark Samus is coming back!!!

I would say Metroid Hunters because so far the single player looks
fun and online Multiplayer will keep me busy for a while.

I chose Metroid Dread, even if it is stil a rumor i despretly await another 2D adventure, hopefully an original Metroid like fusion, not like Zero-Mission…

I thought Dread was the title of MP3? Oh well, I voted for Metroid Prime 3 >>