More Mega Polls

Okay this is how its going to work… From Time to time Im going to post a megeamn poll here and everyone can post theyre awnser/opinion.

  1. What game had the worst plot.

P.S. I beat Megaman 2!!!


The question is do you have a reason for that…

Well I only had to play one to get the plot for all of them…

Go through eight levels with bosses at the end, then beat the last boss.

On your way you get some new upgrades.

I’m not sure about white, blue and battle network, but it probably is the same…

So I’d say, since I haven’t played those new ones, the first eight and the X and Zero series…are the worst… :laughing:

No disrespect to him though, the megaman 64 was … kinda good. :laughing:

Yeah…that was a pretty bad idea…

new poll!! What game had the hardest final Boss…

there making magaman 64 for PSP

shoots over an angry look You are now on my least liked list.

I find they were fun. I couldn’t care less how repetitive or weird the plot is.

Gameplay over Graphics and storyline…

Um, no. Battle Network has a plot. It’s not “fight eight navis, fight the boss” like in the classic series, it’s far from it: there’s tons of stuff to do. It’s a cross between an RPG, an action game, and a card-collector. You can bet your butt it’s got a plot.

The X series, though it has much of the same gameplay as the classic series, DOES have a plot. X1 had a nice plot, even though it was only in the manual, but it was the first game I can remember playing that actually had DIALOGUE, even if it wasn’t much more than “You worthless piece of scrap metal, did you really think you could defeat me?”. X2 and X3 had a basic plot as well, and more dialogue. X4 had a full plot: Plot events. Cutscenes. Full-length dialogue. Operators. Plot twists. X4 has it all. X5 and X6 were a little lacking in plot, but X7 and X8 definitely had one. However, IMO, and this opinion is shared by many, the X series is seriously lacking as of late. However, you, sir, should go play MMX1. That jewel is a beauty to play.

The Classic series has a plot as well, though it’s not usually explained in-game. Hintmanualhinthint. The endings had plenty of text, even if all of the games were kinda samey. What I’m saying is that at least it has a backstory, which is more than many other games of the era can say, that’s for sure!

Ahem… the hardest boss in Mega Man (BTW YES THAT IS HOW IT IS SPELLED OFFICIALLY, THERE IS A SPACE BETWEEN MEGA AND MAN, CAPCOM HAS SAID SO THEMSELVES) is, by far… um… I don’t know. I honestly have no idea… the most difficult one I can remember is Alpha from the Battle Network series, but I’m sure that there’s someone more difficult. Anyways… it’s probably because I’ve gone with only four hours of sleep in the last three days…

Metroid is verry repetative and all of the games are simmilar. (All the 3D ones are, all of the 2D ones are…)
But they are fun and so is Megaman, but Megaman is tough, for me, at least! :smiley:

I cant get past the first level in Megaman X…

Hard, yes it is very hard!! Megaman 1 is probably in the hardest Mega Game for me. The physics are so terrible and simplistic. (You slip, don`t float, die, die, die, jump at and float.)

I’d have to agree… Mega Man 1 is one of the hardest games you’ll find on the classic systems. Mega Man 2 is easier and is one of the favorites in the series.

Please tell me you are kidding…The intro stage is a snap. I practically have all the enemies memorized for where they will appear to on screen.

I couldn’t beat it at first either.

Of course, that’s because I didn’t know how to wallclimb…

Hmmm, either the fact that it was on an emulator, or what Daz said… :slight_smile:

I just read through this topic and found out there was a Mega Man game for 64. Was it any good?

If you want a traditional Mega Man game, defeating enemies in a side-scroller and absorbing weapons, Mega Man Legends (the game you’re referring to, it’s called Mega Man 64 on the 64) will be a dissapointment. It’s a cross between an adventure and an RPG game along with a third person shooter. You play a plot, go around, shoot things in 3D, but there are no Robot Masters, no Wily, no absorbing weapons, and it’s completely seperate from the other Mega Man series. I enjoyed it, personally, but if you want a traditional Mega Man game, this isn’t the one for you.

I’ve never played the Mega Man X games, just the normal mega Man games. I’m thinking of getting MMX Collection, is that any good?

If for nothing more than X1, yes, yes it is. :smiley:

Seriously though, if you do get that thing, PLAY X1 FIRST. That thing is a beauty.