To find out about Metroid 4.5, please go to Sentinal Roleplay.

BTW, CloudVaris is the webmaster and I am his webaprentice, the second in command.

You MUST be registered there and contact me or CloudVaris to help.

This is for security purposes. I don’t want everyone to know what’s going to happen in the game. Therefore, I made a forum that only MIV.V staff can see, let alone read. You MUST be registered as part of the staff to enter the forum.

Forum link = nein.

Woah, why is your avatar and signature off, Daz, and yeah, uhh why cant you post a forum link?

Maybe because of bad affiliation? >_>

It’s because you are not allowed to advertise your own site/forum unless it is in your sig.

Thats weird, whatever, back on topic?

That site is awsome, btw…

PM me your site please.

Well, TECHNICALY, he wasn’t advertising his own site, since it’s mine…

but oh well. I think it’s in my sig. If it’s not, I’ll put it back in.
edit: Link in sig again. If this counts as edvertising, edit my post. And enzd, bad affiliation, am I? :angry:


UPDATE: Metroid Aurora has a NEW codename: M-PIVA (Metroid Prime 4: Aurora).