missile sprite

i have this missile sprite i made that looks okay in my opinion and if someone could edit it for me by shading it in that would be awesome. but i suck at loading animations on imageshack, so i might need some help with that too. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure P2D already has missle sprites already. Also, don’t you upload animations in imageshack the same way you upload a picture :confused:

Oh and finally, wrong topic buddy. This would go into the graphics forum :stuck_out_tongue: .

If you aren’t even capable of shading it, it’s not going to be worth using for sure. >_> No offense intended there.

In a bad mood today? Give him a chance to improve :neutral_face:

Bad mood? Naw, that’s just Daz’s normal mood.




In any case, maybe we should see the sprite first before we judge it.

What? Any two-year-old with a mouse can create an outline. Shading is what makes a sprite!