Mirror Samus' sprite topic

ok, here they are. give me some criticism, or just coment. i just want to know what you think!

These are sprites that i made for my comic

this is Eric at full power

this is normal eric

i know! I know!!! Eric isnt a girls name!

this Fale Alchemay in normal form

this is him at full power!!!

so? so? how do you like it???

more to come

First of all, I’d change your avatar immediately. If you read closely, that pic of Samus was copyrighted by Josh Spaulding as of 2001. And no, inverted colors don’t make it “yours”.

As for the sprites, the normal ones look alot like edits to me, but since they’re rather simple, I guess they could be from scratch. How about animating them?

im not to good at that… even with unfreeze