Minitroid is a retro fangame I started to get familiar with open-source game development tool “Scirra Construct”. Minitroid features completely original graphics by Betatronic and myself, along with new bosses, enemies, areas, collectables, music, and more. It will be for windows only. It’s still in pretty early development but I’m considering a demo.

Anyway, here are some videos!

Minitroid Engine 1 (Old version)
Minitroid Engine 2
Minitroid Engine 3 (Revamped!)
Minitroid Tunes 1

Awesome. On every level. Music is awesome, graphics are awesome, looks awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh minitroid, how i love you :3

Good lord! Now she doesn’t even need the morph ball! Lol.

Looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

Tell Betatronic his old custom Metroid evolutions are awesome for me.

Oh, the game looks cool too.



Pretty cool cant wait for demo. :slight_smile:

In case anyone finds this, the project was cancelled after Tokinsom released a tech demo.

Here’s a video he made which has a bunch of dev stuff from Minitroid:

And here’s another video with some of the old concepts/music:

Thanks for posting! Pretty fascinating to see all this content laid out, even if this particular project didn’t come to light. Now if only we could get the same inside scoop on that scrapped Metroid Prime 4 beta :stuck_out_tongue:

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