Mini Tiles

Difficulty Level:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

You must guide your little tile to the green finish tile at the end of each level.
If you fall or are hit by one of the many obstacles, you must start the level over.

-You may only jump over one space.
-Yellow tiles will disappear a short period after you touch them.
-Red tiles disappear and reappear at certain times.
-Flames will kill you, but you can jump over them.
-Bright red and green blocks are solid and can only be destroyed when you hit the switch for that block.
-Grey blocks are solid and cant be destroyed, you must find a way around them.
-Lasers will kill you, but they can be jumped over.

arrows - movement
space - jump

Each level has a shortcut that will enable you to get to the finish tile without having to pass any, or few obstacles. These are very helpful if your trying to get to a certain level fast. But can you find them?

-All programming and graphics made by JumpMan16 (me)
-Music by (coming soon)
-Game is based on “Tiled” by xxdemzxx

-Sounds, better graphics, and new obstacles will be added in the next Beta.
-50 levels will be included in the final version.
-This game was made when my logo was “synthesis”, lol, will be changed in new version which will be coming soon.
-A level editor will be included also in the next beta.

Game is weird but awesome.

you need a graphics revamp, other than that, and the timing seems a bit against the player’s will, it is very cool.

I would say how impressed I am with the game idea, but I just noticed that it’s exactly like the game it’s based on, so I guess it’s just as if you had made a Tetris game… But, the original you have to pay for and the comments say that it’s full of terrible glitches, so… Thanks for making it without glitches and free? I’m having fun playing it anyway.

All glitches that were in the original that the game is based on are fixed in my game. And I added a few obstacles he didnt havein his game. And yes it will be free. ^^

quote smartdude47: “the timing seems a bit against the player’s will”

What do you mean exactly?

nice. i tried it but the red block is a bit hard for me >.<

o.O…You just need some practice. Soon this game will be a breeze. (good luck >_>)