Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1.0

For once, Microsoft did something right aside from Windows 2000. They’ve created a solid spyware utility that is similar to Spybot and Ad-Aware, except for a better GUI and functionality. It goes straight to the source of all that spyware and completely removes it, and doesn’t complain that it can’t, like Spybot. Plus it links you up to an online community which is all for fighting spyware, and you can download protection and updates straight to the program from that site. Brilliant.


ah my first post in a long time
yes the program is the greatest ever
it got rid of everything on my com
damn those unofficial rigged sites
i even HAD (past tense) a browser hi-jacker

Meh I’ll stick to Adaware SE and Spy Bot Search And Destroy.

Grrrr… the site isn’t working for me. It says that the servers are down or something.

i have all 3. :slight_smile:

I don’t like it. A alert pops up whenever I use my browser. :angry:

It does that for your own good. It’s like your parents, but less annoying because there’s no voice involved.

It still annoys me… I have Adaware and Spybot anyway…

THIS PROGRAM IS SO SHINEY!!! I replaced spysweeper with this. I hope microsoft keeps it free.

Well… What’s it called? If it’s so good I would like to get it.

Uhhh, dude, look at the title of the thread. :whack: