MH's sprite thread. (Metroid Hunter)

I posted my scratch sprite in Daz’s thread earlier today, (which was stupid and n00bish :sweat: ) and have learned from my mistakes. Here’s my stuff.

Scratch Space Pirate (MP2) :

Good for beginner?

The shading is really funky, but he’s well shaped.

The shading’s funky, because there is a whole lot of different textures and stuff on them, so i’m just put a lot of different colors to attempt to create the correct texture.
Well, at least i got the shape good! :smiley:
the sprite’s going to be used in a game, so i’ll work on perfecting it the best i can.

Next you should make a sheet of it with movement and aiming direction and other stuff like that.

yep. The movement is REALLY going to be the kicker, though. I suck at spriting movement (as in walking at least).

No. Don’t do that. It just makes it look too blurry and overly detailed. You need to make it as simple as you can while still looking accurate. Not to mention game sprites have a color limit.

Um… the edit button is completely gone, so pardon my double post… .stupid image error.

Anyway, your poses are COMPLETELY wrong.

They stand with their scythes at their side slightly at an angle, and their gun-arm at a slant forward, gun straight down. The gun does NOT open when it shoots. When they jump, their arms go straight out sideways, and they cannot shoot while jumping. Their legs also fold differently when jumping.

Like on there. I had the gun opening too, because I thought it did, but later versions of the sprite fixed that, I just didn’t upload a more recent one. But point is, I studied their movements in game for a long time to get my sprites to move as close as possible, so just make them move more like those, and you’ll be fine. ^^;

And your head shape is a bit off, now that I look at it.

well its not bad for a beginner

yeah, i know that the stance is wrong, but this is for my own fangame, not a direct copy of MP2. You’re actually going to be the pirate.

but anyways i’ll try to see what it looks like the way ur saying.

The edit button is gone. also sorry for double post.

Your sprites are awesome! don’t know how ya do it.

MH i think your sprites will turn out pretty good
keep it up man

and plus the whole being a space.P will be cool too

(darn that ninja looking sig is cool Dazz )

I gave the sprites an overhaul. Take a look:

The new sprite is obviously V 3.0. I think it shows much improvement. (but i don’t think the stance is perfect yet)

and thanks light samus

:O_O: ooooooook thats awesome :laughing:

Much better, but note that some parts of their bodies are darker, and the head is still wrong.

The head is very challenging for some odd reason. I’ll work on the shading asap.

I very slightly tried to fix the shading, and changed the shape of the head to make it similar to the official pic. Does it look any better? Worse?

umm thats

Try putting the ‘hat’ further back and making his beak stick out more.

‘Hat’ further back…beak stick out more…Got it.

…now the head looks a little big. Agreed?

Um. He seems to have a Commando head, not a trooper head. Again, BEAK.

well, aside from those small details, those are awesome sprites! i like em. and nice sprites too Daz!