So I am currently the owner of When the site died, I set it to redirect to these forums. Recently, the number of domains I own has started to stack up, so I’m trying to rid myself of the ones I don’t use. So, if anyone here would like to take over ownership (preferably an active member of the community), feel free to PM me here or email me at It’s currently set to expire on 21-Jul-2011, and if I don’t find anyone by then, I may have to let it expire (which I really wouldn’t like to see happen). So hit me up if you’re interested. Thanks, and nice to see you all again.

So wait?

This is a domain that just redirects here or what?

That was my question too. Does it really matter if the domain expires?

Not one bit. The forum’s hosted on a separate server free of charge. The domain he owns is just serving as a redirect right now, since the website itself went offline ages ago.

Since the project is essentially dead, there’s no real purpose to the URL as it is, as far as I can see. But someone might want to one day try the project again (lol), or want it for… hell, I don’t know why, but maybe there’s some reason out there. >_>

Pretty much, just putting the offer out there at this point. Still got a while before it expires.

Sad face.

I doubt anyone will pick it up again… we went through the talent, but let’s face it, it’s just not possible to organize freelancers via a forum to create something this massive.

plus GM cant handle that amount of awesome

Well we could theoretically use Unity but whatever.

didnt i suggest that awhile back?
or did i say unreal?

either way you can still use sprites and everything…

if i knew unity or unreal i’d be all over that…

Well Zurg seems to know Unity, the issue is organizing everything else, and besides that you can’t really make a game like metroid with one programmer, it simply can’t be done.

true that

i bet we could do it with like… 4-5…

So when are the resources going to be released then?

I mean… There’s not really any reason to keep them secret if the project is dead, and I’m sure other people would use them for their game engines, projects, etc.

The real problem was just that we took so long to make it that the staff grew up and got real-life obligations.

They’re still properties of their owners. I can’t, say, go out and make all of Karlprof’s stuff public-domain unless he says so. I can only do that to my own.

And I already released a lot of my older versions to TSGK. The new ones are either incomplete, lost to time, or being kept for personal use/portfolio work.

Up to anyone else as far as their own work goes, I suppose.

True that on both accounts.

I don’t even have links to my stuff anymore, so it’s not like I can hand it out.

Hi, guys.

So I’m working on an engine for P2D, and from these comments it looks like I haven’t been living up to my goals. I wanted to keep everyone updated about progress, but I haven’t even signed in here since the end of August…

I am definitely rethinking how I approach my work now. Expect more frequent demonstrations in the future. Even if there are too many resources for one person, I believe the programming can be done by one person. I will try to do a better job.

As far as the resources go, I’ve been keeping an extensive collection, and I have it backed up in like 6 secure places. They are for P2D use only unless the individual makers say otherwise. It would be nice to still have redirecting, but I think these forums have a higher priority on Google than the redirecting address, so it doesn’t really make a difference. I’ll think about it some more before having a definite opinion.

Still here, never giving up,

  • Troid92

troid, i love you

no homo

Troid: there is much love in this one. I might help with spriting… maybe.

Troid/Daz/Team members, feel free to grab my stuff and release it to the public for me. I can’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say, is that I hope this project doesn’t die. I was never any help really, but it was so cool to see what you guys had accomplished.