Metroid Zero Mission Hack

With these codes you can begin the game with fully powered suit and have varia equip; however, I don’t know how the fight with the Mother Brain- Chozodia Sequence is going to work, however I only have these so far

Varia suit, Second Suit enable, suit/item required, only Fully Powered Varia suit so far



have fun with a new game with the Varia Suit Fully Powered, oh after the game load turn the action replay off when samus intro sentence finish. Happy Hacking. :sunglasses:

WOW I will love you forever once I get this to work.
How will this work on VBA?

Hmm VBA I think I have a converter for that just hold on however I won’t be able to test it so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I’m working on that, as it seem if you use that code when you have all the MICs Items Screw Attack and etc. It will erase them; however, I have found out that to get them back.

Items ON/OFF like in Super Metroid, this code will allow you to turn beams, mics but not suit. Nintendo put a lock on it for some reason



that will all the items and morph ball, high jump, etc

if any question or new codes please pm this, note I will test this on my game so if it erase my game data then I won’t post it on here.

I made a bunch of Codebreaker codes and posted 'em over at MHQ, so I thought I’d put 'em here, too.

And I skipped Ridley!

Incidentally, Samus learned how to teleport while I was playing.

830013E9 **** - teleport on Y axis, where **** is the hex for Samus’s location in pixels from the top-left corner.
830013E7 **** - teleport on X axis.

I used VisualBoyAdvance’s memory viewer to make teleporting easier. (“05 17” in the memory viewer would be 1705 in a code to put Samus at that position. Type “030013E6” in the box next to the Go button to see the X and Y locations.)

Always Shoot Up (enabled that temporarily to try getting into Imago’s room without fighting the plant)
33000A3C 0003
Always Shoot Down
33000A3C 0004

This one was just fun to look at. You know how when you fire a missile at something that it can’t hurt, it bounces off? Well, your beam weapons and bombs can bounce out of your arm cannon harmlessly!
33000A3D 0003

The “Always Shoot X” codes I’ve found actually only modify your first weapon fired. But what if you fire another while that’s still on the screen? Copy and paste the “Always Shoot X” code and change a small part to modify the second weapon instead.
83000A3A 0D02 - Always Shoot Super Missiles on the first on-screen shot
83000A56 0D02 - Always Shoot Super Missiles on the second on-screen shot
And if you see what’s different there, you can also use these for the next several shots (assuming the first two are still on the screen)

Everyone knows moonjumping is fun. Well, here’s my moonjump code:
D0000020 0001 (this line technically means “if you’re pressing A, do the next line”)
330013EC 00FF (this modifies Samus’s vertical momentum variable. Change 00FF to, say, 0088 for a slower speed.)
D0000020 0001
330013ED 0000 (this modifies Samus’s vertical direction variable.)

How about always being able to shinespark in an area that’s just a few tiles wide?
330013DC 0077

So yeah, those are the codes I came up with. Enjoy, and lemme know if you can think of any you’d like to see. And it’s all thanks to this!

Edit: Fixed the Moonjump code.