Metroid_Zapper's random creations.

Well since i havent posted in a while i figured i should with sprites as usual.

Oh, MZ, you’re back on the forums? Cool.

I like that spinning animation.

Thank you and im sorry for my absence it happens wen spriters lose interest but im back but not in black.


Th’re pretty good! But, I think a Metroid is larger than that, unless that is a baby like the ones in Prime?

No I sized my metroids after primes design because if they were as big as zero mission it would look kinda weired (imagines seing giganto metroids in prime).But thank you for the compliment.

They’re quite good.

Thank you I appreceate it.

Edit: Here is my most recent progress the sword is finished but the gf is still in progress.

I keep thinking the sword magically grows a scythe blade out of its tip or something. Fix those slashes :\

I cant change there colors because thats how they are in game.

The GF trooper isn’t ZM styled at all, if it’s supposed to be… You need to make shades blend in less, much less. Other than that the Trooper is very well done.

What? I dont understand what you mean , they dont look wrongly shaded to me?

He means that you shouldn’t let the color’s blend that much, I suppose.

…Those are slashes? … I thought that actually was a backwards scythe

Sorry about the slashes but thats how there suposed to be.

Well, try making the slash gradually get lighter as you go up towards the tip/start of the blade slash. It might help to prevent confusion of your scythe…i mean sword. :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue:

The GF Trooper kicks mine’s ass. Maybe shrink the shoulder pads on the front view. Other than that, it looks great.
Sword rocks, course you need something to wield it.

Thanks but the sholder pads look fine to me.

Oh, you’re right, but Metroid Fanatic’s comment applies here. It’s really hard to tell at first glance where the shoulder ends and the pad begins. One of the two have to be shaded at least a little darker…

Ok thanks I will do that.

Edit: Here it is.

Why are you even asking for comments if you just shoot down most of them with “no it looks fine”? Your own work almost always looks better to you because you’re inherently biased towards it…