Metroid: Warp Zeta

The Federation has detected a timespace anomaly in the asteroid belt where Zebes once existed. Samus is exhausted from her adventures, but she direly needs money so she takes the job anyway.

Upon arriving she discovers that Zebes was not destroyed, but merely separated into planetoids–one for each zone. She lands on the Norfair Planetoid, and is assaulted by strange creatures that can shift dimensions at will (much like Aetherian kralees). She fights many of them off, and is doing fine until their Elder opens a dimensional warp and sucks much of her gear in. She quickly hops in her ship and flies off to start her search for her lost equipment. She starts at Crateria, hoping that its inhabitants are still as weak as they were on her first quest there…

Metroid: Warp Zeta features several planetoids based after Super Metroid’s zones. Samus will not regain all her equipment and instead gets many new abilities, including the long-awaited Morphball Beam. I will refrain from revealing any others until the game is completed, but I have designed them all and they have a lot of potential.

The game is based off of Prime and Zero Mission–i.e. using weapons to solve puzzles as opposed to just killing like in hte other games.

The Warphoppers are Samus’s main foe, and I have designed numerous alternate forms for them, as well as the Eaters–these will be revealed later.

I don’t wish to spoil too much already, so I’ll leave you with this: By the end of this week I’ll have a demo ready with a few rooms of each zone and one boss fight.

Oh yeah, and Samus will travel between planetoids in her ship in Gradius-style minigames.

That’s good…
That’s really good…

Tight-lipped, eh? :force persuade: YOU WILL TELL ME THE DETAILS!!! Um, yeah. It just better be as good as you make it out to be.

can’t wait! :smiley: this game sounds cool.
Some screenshots because I don’t feel like putting up a demo yet. :smiley:

She DOES have full animations, I just got unlucky with my screenshots and ended up on the exact same pose… >_<

Nice. So you like that planetoid idea … Kinda like what I was doing with Xenic. But I decided to go against seperate regions and just make two large chunks of SR 388. I mean, this game makes alot of sense. How can one explosion from a single sorce blow up an entire planet? And in the case of SR 388, how can a space station in orbit desinigrate the planet? I find that hard to belive …

Screen shots look good.


I know the engine has a few problems still, I’m working on it.

When I try to get the demo, it says “The .zip file is either invalid or corrupted.” :confused: And I don’t like your title screen.

Is the zipfile suppoused to be curropted?

I know why it won’t work for some people, but Filespace is being stupid.

In any case, new screenshot!

:smiley: One of only two bosses you’ll get to see before the game comes out. Screenshot of the Eater Larva coming soon.

There is nothing in the zip folder, or its messed up some how. Try re zipping it and uploading it again, or upload it someplace else.

He explained it already cellular.

Filespace is stupid. Host it somewhere else… And I command you to make more screenshots!

I don’t know where else to host it… and the screenshots wouldn’t show much, since only the Brinstar Pirate Base and the Darius Battle are even in the beta stage yet, and you’ve seen both already. :smiley:

I might be able to find a good host. I heard of one called Yossarko that everyone uses…except me. I’ll look up info.

Dang, Yossarko rules.

Daz… that is… well… purely awsome… :E

…That place scares me.

Wow it’s pretty hard beacause I duck :O_O: , anways nice demo, but the screen is way to out it needs to be more close up, also the boss recovers too much health if yo even tap the shield

Nice demo! Just a few things though.

  1. The collision with the walls is probly too big. Samus seems to get stuck on them alot., especially when falling. This could allow someone to reach a place you did not want them to go.
  2. The screen shakes alot when you are running.
  3. When I get to the boss it slows down alot. Is this supposed to happen?
  4. The boss is insanely hard! Is that going to be the first boss?