Metroid War

I am not making this game, I just really had a good idea and had to tell someone.

Metroid would be perfect for a resource gathering type war game like Warcraft. The playable races could be the G.F., the Space Pirates, the Ing, and maybe the Chozo and Luminoth. The heroes could be Samus, Ridley, Dark Samus, etc. Resources could be Phazon or Metroids (for collecting energy).

Any comments?

thats a realy good idea, hope anyone want to work on it!

Sounds cool! I would work on it if I could use GameMaker. But Dark Samus isn’t from any of these races…

I hate to throw a monkey wrench in a cool idea, but the Ing are pretty much extinct. I’ll be difficult to work if you do have them in there.

And who’s to say that the only planet they lived on was Dark Aether? Or maybe some of them escaped, and they’ve been living somewhere, multiplying, and are now trying to take over more worlds for themselves. Or maybe trying to wage war against the luminoth… OR Trying to get revenge on Samus. Or any other idea of anyones that might be cooler then that…

Hey, this sounds like fun. I really like these ideas. I believe I shall try and expand upon them. Hm…there could be Metroids randomly placed on the map, and you’d have to get an Ice Beam soldier to freeze it, and build something like a Metroid Holding Facility to capture it, and then you’d get resources from that…And there’d be the standard minerals that need to be mined to construct bases…Phazon mines for more energy…but if you don’t research something like “Phazon Suit” or something, then your workers would be damaged by using a Phazon Mine…You could hunt creatures to provide food for your units…

Ok, so species abilities: The Pirates could build large numbers of weak creatures like Zoomers, Skrees, Rippers, and all t’other basics. They’d be cheap and weak, and they’d all have specialities. Zoomers would act something like Zerglings…Skrees would be fast moving, extremely weak suicide units…Rippers would be tough, but slow moving…The Pirate Troopers would be more expensive than the other species, but more powerful. They could also build sentry weapons like in Prime, and traps like in all the other games. They could get the odd looking fighters you see in Zero Mission.

Federation could get Militiamen at first, basically just civilians with rifles, and then go to Galactic Marines, like in Fusion and Echoes, and then upgraded weapons like Plasma beams, Ice Beams, Spazers, and Wave Beams…they could get gunships, fighters, all the basic air units…

Chozo would have very weak units but really powerful buildings. They’d have the fastest and most heavily armed vehicles, but their troopers would be very weak, until they got very highly advanced, at which point they’d get Power Suits.

Tha’s about all I can think of for now.

Don’t mind if I butt into your thinking, but the Ing would be able to turn into that wierd… goo-ish form, and slide across surfaces. The only problem with that should be that they have lower defence (no shell or anything) And easily killed. But they would still be able to climb the sides of rocks and things (cliffs, go across water, climb up… um… pillars.) And if they turned into normal mode on the side of something, or on the water, they’d have to stay in that one spot. They’d also be able to latch onto enemy soldiers and stuff, and steal there weapons. For what? I dunno, regaining energy or health.

Luminoth: Light barriers and tons of cool light attacks, and good with making machinery, but low HP and attack. Until you start making machines and traps and stuff, which have higher defence and hp, but are vulnerable to the space pirate attacks. Or at least after you learn a special technique like sabotage (sp?) or something.

that all the ‘races’?

Within the Metroid continuity, Ing are going to be hard to work in. Outside, there’ll be no problem.

It doesn’t matter. It could take place before the Ing were destroyed, or heck, even during Samus’ fight.

Hey, who’s for heroes? Chozo get Samus and the Pirates get Ridley. They all have their own abilities: Samus can upgrade her suit with items strewn about the map, and Ridley can be revived up to three times, but you have to get workers to recover his corpse, and each time, he’s different.

Ooooooooh, and the Feds can get the X-virus. It’d not really be a unit, you’d drop a bomb filled with X, and they’d infect and reproduce. They’d attack Federation units, too, so it’d be more the sort of thing you use to soften your enemy up, and hit him when he’s gotten rid of all of the X.

And I haven’t played Echoes, so I don’t know that Dark Samus works for the Ing, but she could be their hero.

Luminoth, I really don’t know. Like I said, I’ve not played Echoes, so I don’t know if they have any especially good units.

Works for the ing? She blasts them every chance she gets. >>;

There’s one scene were she takes on three Dark Pirates at once, in one shot… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark Samus doesn’t work for anyone, so she could be the villain of the game…

Well, we’ll have to find a hero for the Ing, then.

Ing Emperor?

There is a possiblitiy this might get made. I play a game called STARWARS: Galactic Battlegrounds, it’s a strategy game, and freaquently modded. A friend of mine suggested a Space Pirate civilization, and I directed him to this thread. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

Dude this game can become so huge we must let it made by nintendo themself that would be awesome man !!

Fft. Screw Nintendo.

-058- that make me made what you said about Nintendo. They are a good company if they wasn’t around then Metroid want be here now. and this forum will be a diferent or something else.


Your post was very unclear. I actually prefer
playing Halo or Quake 4 than Metroid. FEAR is
a good game too. I would rather kill a human than kill a stupid over sized bug. :smiling_imp:

No one respond to that. It’s total material to start a flamewar. I won’t delete it because I feel like I delete too much lately, but if anyone responds to that negatively at all, you WILL regret it.

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Man, sorry about that, and Yes…

I am just an idiot. :wink: