Metroid: Vengence

"A large popular uprising started throughout the Galactic Federation, due to the government’s version of my actions on the BSL. The people called for the end of all bounty hunters. Because of this, the gave us the choice to retire and stay away from the capital planet, or to to go into 12 years of parole duty. I chose to retire, and went to the X’in, where I married Zachery Pelor. 2 years later, I had my daughter, Rose. Another 3 years later, an unknown civilization engaged in open war against the GF, capturing one planet at a time. My husband joined the GF military, proud to serve the Federation. He was deployed to a brink planet, where he helped to maintain the defense. 2 weeks later, I received word that the planet had been taken by the unknown creatures, and that Lieutenant Pelor had not escaped. I mourned the great loss, but I could not let Rose down. She was the only star in my sky, and I had to keep her bright. But on night, an unknown attack cruiser appeared out of nowhere and starrted landing troops. I snatched Rose and ran to my ship. We took off and escaped just in time.

Or so it seemed. My ship was then attacked by desperate space pirates. A projectile hit my ship, and I fell forward and struck my head on a computer console, instantly knocked unconscious. When I awoke, the ship was empty. They had taken Rose, but they must have taken me for dead and left. I could not go after them, because they had disabled the engines. I was stuck in the middle of space, far from any established settlement. A few hours later, a refugee ship appeared and offered me a ride away from there. I accepted, not knowing where they would take me. The refugee ship went right to the capital planet, where they turned me in for some quick cash. I served the 13 years of parole, I experienced the warfare of the unknown forces. After I was released, I spent a whole year searching for Rose, but when I didn’t find her, I assumed she was dead. Then I received a message from GF HQ, asking that I accept a mission from them. I returned to the capital planet, where they offered me my first job since I retired. I sped off towards the brink afterwards, my mission was to eliminate an elite warrior of the unknown forces, and while I was doing the mission, I could vent my vengence for the deaths of both my husband and daughter…"

Um… yeah.

I’m making this game with RPG Maker XP, and if anyone here knows a little bit about RGSS, I could really use some help with mostly the battle system.

And I also need a pixelartist to do the enemies and to do cut scenes. But that’s about it.

How about playing up the desperation expierenced by our fateful heroine during the period of parole? Love lost and future stolen. With thirteen years of (insert whatever nastyness parole entails) to endure, what changes would grow inside a heart so broken?

  • thought to self -
    . o 0 (What exactly happened to samus to cause space pirates to presume her dead?)

I like the story. It has a very interesting premise and an abundance of background to draw from.

Um, she hit her head on a computer console, and went unconcious. The Pirates were short on time too.

I’ll come back to the parole thing later though. Just think of being put on the front of the battles.

Well then by golly keep at it my good, spacefaring, bounty hunter.

Well, due to the lack of pixelartists interested, this game has come to a halt. Therefore, I move on to my next game, Pirate Commando…