Metroid_tutorials please!!

I really need help i makeing a reamke of super metroid but i am not good with game maker6 and i need some help with lots of things please help thanks! :smiley: [B]
My email is

You know, if you dont know how to do anything on game maker, Why wont you
just move on to another game designing program? I meen it isnt exactly your game if someone else is doing the programming, and music and sound fx, and
all those other catigories. I will provide help on this game as much as i can
but just saying, it doesnt make sence to try and make a game on a program you dont understand. Eigther get a new program or download some tutorials or something.

Hey i am not totally useless with gamemaker !!! :confused: I now how to make some one jump and and snd move and shoot. but i need help with anmation switches and a health bar for bosses and samus. and how to destroy an enamie from more then one shot. thats all i need i will figer out the rest thank you very much.

u treat the enemies as u would Samus, give them health, and make it so when the beam hits them, it takes away a certain amount of damage.

HOW ? please send it to my email thanks

Make a variable for enemy health and make it so that when the enemy is shot, it decreases the variable. Destroy the enemy when the variable hits zero.

No offense, but if you can’t even figure THAT out, you have no chance of making much of a game at all, much less something as sophisticated as Super Metroid.

Start simple. For instance, I used to try to make Metroids, but they’re hard to make for a newbie to programming, so I went for a Centipede clone first.

I now that its how do you display that !!! :angry:

take a look at the platform game example on the game maker website