Metroid - The X Factor

Samus Aran has just arrived on the Galactic Federation ship, and is promptly interrogated as to the incedent on the Biological Space Labs. She says that the X were a threat to the entire galaxy, that they could destroy it inside and out if they were left untouched. The Federation agrees to this after some persuasion, but Samus still is accounted for the destruction of the BSL Station. As a result, she is sent to Earth, where Space Pirates have already begun an X breeding program…

When Samus arrives at a space station of the pirates high above Earth, she plans to stop the program and obliterate the pirates from there, but she is forced to initiate the Self-Destruct sequence and crash the ship on Earth.

As she emerges from the destroyed ship, she finds a complex series of labs all over Europe and Asia. The X are being breeded in each and every one, but something was different about them…

As Samus traverses through the European Pirate labs, she discovers from computer data that the X had been enhanced by Phazon, and Earth had a large concentration of Phazon located in a large core in the Earth’s mantle. It seems that two of Samus’s worst enemies have been brought together…

Team so far:



Tile Mapping



Webpage Desginer


Concept Artist

Environment Planner

Cut Scenes

Boss Designers

Enemy Designers

WebMinstBR (Portugese)

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Metroid - The X Factor?

Plus, I’m really a novice programmer, and don’t know much about it. If I could get someone mor experienced, that would be great.


Power Beam

Charge Beam

Morph Ball

Missles (Max 250) (48 tanks, 5 missles a tank, start with 10)

Super Missles (Max 30) (10 tanks, 2 smissles a tank, start with 10)

Energy Tanks (16) (16 tanks, max energy 1699)

Power Bombs (Max 32) (2 bombs a tank, 11 tanks, start with 10)

Napalm (Max 70) - Morph Ball only. Shoots a wall of fire at the enemy. (4 napalms a tank, 15 tanks, start with 10)


Solar Beam - Shoots a ray of sunlight at the enemy.

Pulsar Beam - Shoots a purple electrical current at the enemy which stuns.

Ice Beam

Varia Suit

Wave Suit - Looks like the varia suit, but light blue. Allows Samus to withstand electrical currents, as well as giving her the ability to move underwater.

Toxic Suit - (Hope you don’t mind, Chagi, but I didn’t get the idea from your sig) Allows you to survive in poison water, poison gas, and swamp water.

Phazon-X Suit - Allows Samus’s current fusion form to withstand Phazon. Also allows her to fire the X Beam laser by absorbing 5 X Parasites that are not Phazon-Induced.

Space Jump


Screw Attack

Spider Ball

Boost Ball

Jump Ball

Flame Ball - Boost Ball upgrade. When Samus boosts as a morph ball, she is engulfed in flame and damages any powerful enemy and kills any weak enemy upon impact. Makes a boost last longer.

Death Ball - A bluish purple electrical aura surrounds Samus as a morph ball. Instantly destroys minor enemies upon impact.

Speed Booster: Duh

Velocity Beam: fires a rapidly fast volley of shots that will pierce through most shielding

OK, update. Now, all we need is someone to do backgrounds. The engine is well underway, and we’ll have a demo up very soon, maybe w/out backgrounds though :frowning:

Hey peter12311, its me Dragon from Metroid Headquarters. :smiley:
If you need I can help with tile sets.

There’s only one comment on this I have, and that is that Earth is the planet the Federation stems from. It is anything but a “distant planet”. It is the cradle of Humanity, Terra Firma, the start of it all.

OK, cool! I’d love that! I’ll put you on the team list.