Metroid: The X-Child

Vizit Metroid: The X-Child official page for more information.

Hmmm… Errr… Yep, pretty sure there’s nothing on that page, except a black border. >_>

It’s a pretty good website, it’s just a bit empty. For now.

Well, it’s just a start. The site will be growing gradually. Hope it’ll become a rich page! I’m working on tihs game for three months already so I think I’ll release a flash version demo. The exe version will be released later because I’m using not Gamemaker, but HGE. It’s a hard to learn but best for 2D game developing engine nowadays! I’ll try not to promise something superb, just try to make a good enough game. Anyway thanks for support! I like your demo and forum! :slight_smile:

when you mentioned it would be compatible with emulators i thought this would turn out to be another metroid fusion rom-hack, like i’m in the process of making. Btw, nice site but you really gotta fix the samus background, the proportions are all weird and makes it look very amateurish.

That’s a pretty damn sexy site actually. It just needs content…

Sorry, didn’t explain! No, it’s not gonna be a Metroid Fusion rom hack, it will be a rom but those are my further plans. I think site looks good and all propotions are normal, and one note: that’s not Samus. Well, 48PARTIZAN studios agreed to help me in game developing, they don’t think it’s “very amateurish”(all of the members are professional artists, they work mostly on 3D). Anyway you’ll see. :wink:
Edit: Infinity’s End, thanks! But the main character is not a woman, maybe that’s why Sgt. Cortez said proportions are weird… but thanks again, I’ll fill it on February! :slight_smile:

EDIT: do not forget to check the first post for latest news!

Finally there are some changes! Go to my first post to see the news as usual!

I really don’t know about the games title; X-Child just doesn’t seem very Metroid-like to me at all.

I have to agree with Dragon. The title could use some work. The rest seems interesting enough for me to get on board, however.

I probably won’t, though. Apathy and all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

also agreed, x-child is not metroidy at all

Well, I think it’s much better than just stealing or trying to copy some Samus’s sprites. :slight_smile:

Meh, it’s a fangame so there’s nothing wrong with using official Metroid sprites. Unless you’re doing a completely original game title there’s not much point in making everything custom.

that has nothing to do with the title O.o

Saying that I mean that the fan game can be much better if make original graphics but not just using standard sprites. If you use standard sprites and tiles(uless you have a good plot), your fan game is as worthy as a toilet paper roll, even cheaper. As for the title, you’re judjing too fast, guys!
If you think another way, hmmm… good luck then! :neutral_face:

nobody was saying anything about sprites O.o

Good luck.

what? X.x

He’s either someone who doesn’t speak English, which would make sense, a bot who managed to fool us to a rather interesting degree, or his account has been hacked.

I’m really hoping it’s the first one.

im going with the first one as well…