Metroid strategy game ehh?

wouldnt it be great if be great if someone maked a Metroid Strategy game where you should fight VS the space pirates :smiley: ? :confused:

Strategy game?

Fire Emblem style?

Can you give more info then?

Oh, and please don’t triple post. It’s against the rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

how about in Lord of the rings Batlle of middle earht style

The story: The space pirates found red phazon and make a bounch off gigantic monsters
the Galactic Federation sent out some troopers to investigate, but they never ruternd sow
Samus and some other troopers was going in to the space pirate base and then game begins.

What you think?

I don’t think I’ve played that game…

Is it grid based strategy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont now what grid based strategy game means

I`m only 10 years old and com from Norway :smiley:

Grid based strategy, you know, not free movement all over the field…

Unless you’ve been meaning RTS this whole time. >_>

And since when does age have to do with anything? I started using Game Maker when I was like 8 or 9. (And I forget most of it. >_> )

Sorry for that, and i am 9 but i have bursday next week 30/03-06 then i get 10

But Norway is a countery in Skandinavia where the people speak Norsk
and Norway on Norsk is Norge

So it isnt so easey to understand english :cry:
thats why game-maker isnt easey
and i dont now how to use it :imp:

and I have tryed other things too :angry:

halo :astonished:

Okay, I just looked up that LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth game.
Yes, that is considered a RTS, or Real Time Strategy.

A Metroid RTS you want, then?

A guy already did a Doom RTS. It sucked.
Someone brought up the idea of a MMX RTS. That sounds suckier.

Now a Metroid RTS? Thats just…
Er, well, a Metroid RTS may be a bit better.

The areas are more built for RTS-style gameplay, and fighting in the Space Pirate Mother Ship with dozens of Troopers would be kinda neat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Top down RTS Metroid game, with map exploration and all would be really cool. >_>
Erm, but can you give more details?

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So it appears as if the stereotypical “eh” does NOT refer to Canadians in general. :smiley:

It seams mabee a FF rpg would work well I might be able to make it using RPG maker now that I have some basic spriting skills. If you guys think its a good Idea I will make a demo

Erm, Dark Metroid 16, this isn’t about an RPG. A turn based Metroid RPG would suck anyway, especially if made in RPG Maker.

Now, those things aside, I really like the Metroid RTS idea.

But the story, needs an incredible amount of work.

It would be more interesting to be able to play as ANY team, not just Samus/Federation. So the story should be changed to allow this, and battles should be done on all kinds of planets.

Would be fun, yes? I think so!

Well, throw some more info at us, Mr.Topic Creator! :smiley:

(Hmmm, but he said wouldn’t it be great if someone made it… thats my chance! Kidding, but still, someone SHOULD do this.)

Cool :smiley:

I am agree that i wrihtet now wasnt mean to come :blush:

This is what i meand to whrite: I dont now what that sould happen
it was just an idea :smiley:
did i do something wrong whit my spelling?
if i did it was a mistake :blush:

I’ve been thinking about that too. It might actually be fun!

I’m thinking something along the lines of Galactic Federation vs. Space Pirate battles both on ground and in space (it would be fun to make up the vehicles and ships and such for each side and naming their class, etc.), with the hero units for each side like Samus for the GF and a Phazon pirate for the Space Pirates? Hm. Of course, Nintendo would probably not make something like that, but perhaps it could be fan-created… it’s not impossible.

I’d like to battle it out between the GF and the Pirates - I think it would be neat.

Or perhaps Nintendo should make an FPS where you can play as a GF trooper or a Pirate trooper… but that’s another story.

So, anyway, let’s do a brainstorm session, come up with a story and perhaps some of the basic game mechanics and units, and if we get anywhere perhaps we can start it up into a full-fledged fangame!

Okay, let’s think…

Though much of the legends, rumors, and major exploits and battles that stretch through Sol and it’s neighboring systems are all attributed and involved Samus Aran and her crusade against Phazon, Metroids, X-parasites, the evil Space Pirates, and countless galactic threats, behind her is the large Galactic Federation, an Earth-based government that is only just beginning to take it’s steps out into the wide universe, with interstellar travel and reasonably-effective weapons, but not much else. Since nearly the day they have stepped out into the galaxy they have been harrased by the Space Pirates, and countless galactic threats and opportunities, such as the predator-parasite energy-based Metroids.

The Galactic Federation has clashed violently with the Space Pirates, their prime nemesis, on occasions too innumerable to count, from the airless void of space to the arid climates of desert planets to the plains of countless worlds to the cities of countless colonies, the two orginization’s military might erupting in climatic battles all across the solar systems of the Milky Way. Though the Galactic Federation’s technology is not as advanced as the Space Pirates’, they hold their own against the quantum assualt cannons of the Pirates with their own Ionic-sheathed projectile cannons, going bayonet-to-claw and knife-to-energy sword without flinching as they fight to protect their own. The Space Pirates strike fear into the hearts of their enemies with their daunting technology and genetically-engineered troopers bred for battle and different climates, melding machine and flesh to form superwarriors equipped with fearsome technology. Each brings it’s own advantages to the battlefield, and it is likely that the two of them will never stop until one, or both, is annihilated… or enslaved.

As the battles and skirmishes rage on across the Federation’s solar systems, one lonely planet, devoid of natural resources in any large degree, not desirable, tucked away behind a ring of nebulae and interstellar hazards, a secret lays. This planet, SR-318, located in the ring of nebulae and asteroids known as Gallaman’s Ring, harbors an intense content of Phazon, orange mutagen slathered across it’s surface. It was hit long ago, just before Samus Aran came to Tallon IV for the last time, by one of the same meteors that ravaged both Tallon IV and Aether, but by one that nearly instantly rendered the planet uninhabitable. No one noticed, not for a long time, even as the Aether Incident with Bravo Squad raged, as the planet withered and suffocated underneath the Phazon, what little life it had dying off rapidly.

But the Space Pirates noticed.

Eventually, a Space Pirate probe was knocked off-course and strayed into Gallaman’s Ring, it’s last communication from orbit around SR-318 revealing the mass concentration of Phazon. The Space Pirates immediately launched a full-scale assault force towards the planet, intending to make full use of the Phazon there to fuel their horrible experiments.

Thankfully, by pure luck, a Federation strike force consisting of a destroyer and four Assault Frigates nearly collided with the Space Pirate force during a jump, and immediately engaged. Despite being outnumbered, they knocked the battlegroup down to size, destroying several enemy ships, while only losing one of their own frigates. The Space Pirates widthdrew, cutting their losses, and continued on-course at maximum speed towards SR-318, the Federation forces following in hot pursuit. Both have stumbled upon SR-318’s hidden secret, the massive amounts of Phazon, but who will control the planet? If the Space Pirates are victorious, they may have enough Phazon to create the ultimate biological weapon, perhaps able to obliterate an entire army with ease…

So how’s that?

Anyway, like I said, I think we should have two races - Galactic Federation and Space Pirate. We’d have to invent vehicles and units for each side, etc, to fill in what we don’t know about each side’s war machine. Should we have a space element to the game also?

Also, I think we should have to face off against Phazon-mutated creatures. Phazon would play a big part in the game, the GF racing to keep the Space Pirates away from the deposits of Phazon, which are collected in more or less the same place, making defense of the area not so impossible but still challenging. The Space Pirates will have to mine the Phazon. Victory will result for the Space Pirates if they capture and mine every deposit on a map or wipe out all of the GF. Victory will result for the GF if they wipe out all Pirates or contain and remove every successive Phazon deposit.

If unshielded troopers get too close to Phazon for too long, they could go insane from mutation, becoming part of the indegionous creatures and firing on their own army.

So, what do you think?

YEAH!!! 8) 8) 8)

K, I brainstormed a few more ideas. Glad you like my ideas daveg.

Okay, here we go…

Ground Combat

Ground combat will be top-down, with animated sprites with walking motions and such, on an also-sprited background, which is the ground. We’re not going to do any rendering here, like most RTSes do - that would be far too complex. Other than that, it will be pretty much standard affair - click to move them here, click to attack, contain Phazon, wipe out the enemy with units, etc. There will be two or three game modes if we can muster it: Regular, Capture The Phazon, and Free-For-All.


Regular will involve what I outlined in my last post - the GF have to capture and contain Phazon deposits, while the Space Pirates must try to capture and mine them. Basically, they need to “capture” the deposit with infantry then defend it from de-capturing until the mining or containing is done, at which point the Phazon deposit dissapears. Once all Phazon deposits are gone, the game ends, and the program counts up how many each side captured or mind. Whoever mined or contained the most is the victor. Alternately, one side can wipe out the other for a victory.

Capture The Phazon

Capture the Flag with Phazon. Each team starts out with a Phazon deposit in their base. They must capture the enemy’s Phazon deposit and bring it back to their own deposit to win. Only infantry can carry Phazon.


The same as Regular, only without any Phazon. Whoever wipes the other out is the victor.

Space Combat

Space Combat takes place in orbit around SR-318. Each side starts out with a certain arrangement of ships, determined by the player (in free-form mode) or by the computer (in regular mode, for the actual challenge). It will be side-on 2D, with different classes of ships such as Capital ships, Fighter wings, troopships (used for boarding and capturing enemy ships), corvettes, frigates and the like. Like in Homeworld, a space-based RTS, we have a Circle (or in this case Line) Of Death:

Fighters>capital ships>frigates>corvettes>fighters

Fighters destroy capital ships, capital ships destroy frigates, frigates destroy corvettes, corvettes destroy fighters. It’s an advanced game of rock-paper-scissors in space. You have to use your ships intelligently to counteract what they are best against.

How does this sound?

Edit: Okay, I cooked up a few ships for space combat, including their sprites. They’re not very high quality, but these are just to give you a basic idea as my spriting skills leave something to be desired. Anyone is welcome - and encouraged - to improve on these. All are for the galactic federation.

Scythe Fighter

The Scythe-class fighter is the Galactic Federation’s quick-strike unit, designed for hit-and-run raids against capital ships and dogfighting with other fighters. It is small and a single hit will take one out - think TIE fighter here - due to it’s paper-thin armor. However, it is designed for blazing speed and can outrun nearly anything else, and is a ferocious dogfighter. It’s weakness is that corvettes can even more easily destroy it, as a single shot from the fast-tracking turrets of a corvette, which tracks fast enough to keep up with it, will do it in.

Cossack “Potato” Corvette

This potato-shaped fighter-killer - aptly nicknamed the “potato” - though it looks slow and clumsy, is a deathtrap to any fighters within firing distance. With eight rapid-fire turrets staggered along each side, it makes up in sheer fighter-killing ability for what it lacks in speed. As with all corvettes, however, it is highly vulnerable to frigates.

Defender Assault Frigate

The defender-class assault frigate is the Federation’s corvette-killer, designed to pack enough punch in it’s six turrets to rupture the armor of a Corvette while having enough multidirectional fire to engage an entire corvette squadron at once. It is easy to build and relatively resilent, making it one of the most widely used ships in the Galactic Federation fleet for patrol and troop deployment. It has no particular strengths or weaknesses when compared to the Space Pirate frigate, though as with all frigates it is vulnerable to capital ships, not possessing the firepower to go up against one. It does, however, possess a high-temperature directional plasma cannon mounted on the prow, which is effective against other frigates.

The Defender is also the primrary troop carrier for the Galactic Federation, possessing two troopships full of Galactic Federation troopers, ready to slip in under the enemy’s nose and attack the enemy ships from within - or perhaps even capture one whole.

That was very cool 8)

i liked it 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8) 8) 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

By top down, do you mean top down view like in Top Down Shooters? Because thats what it means, and how the sprites appear… but the sprites look more like Platform view. Or are these just examples?

I thought the story would be along the lines of a war starting, not some more “Phazon” stuff… it’s okay, it would be better if it wasn’t limited to just the Phazon and one planet, more like anywhere in the galaxy, and be able to do RTS type levels in like every location, such as the Federation ship or the Space pirate mother ship, like going on missions to take them down… and wouldn’t the X be a team too? They can absorb stuff, or whatever you call it, and the Protoss in Starcraft were able to posses other units… >_>

The Phazon idea is okay though, maybe it could be like an upgrade, and you can use it on your units if your the Space Pirates, and if your the Federation you just seal it away, and maybe like experiment on it to get more upgrades or something…

The levels should be able to take place on giant ships, real Metroid areas, space ships and lots of places… =/

I don’t really have much more to say, maybe you could find some ore or something to turn into currency…

Oh, and can I do the programming?

[Insert some strange way of ending the post here]

It could be like AoE where you need diferent materials to make stuff in this case it would be like food, phason, energy and some other metal. You get energy from stars, and the rest of the materials from different planets. Then if you have enough of that material then you can build units, basses, ships, defence grids or reserch new wepons and units. and you should make it so it can use the different species from MPH each species woild have simaler units for the most part and then super strong units that were unique to that civalization. and not all of it should be space batals some of the batals could be for control of a planet or something like that. remember viriaty is the spice of life

Erm, work on your spelling and gramatical skills, Dark Metroid 16.

Not really my place to say that, but your post is really unorganized, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

The resources should be in my opinion, Energy, Phazon, and Power. Power would be like the electricity, I guess, Phazon being Phazon, and Energy being used to do trade for new units, like currency.

Well, thats just what I think. Metroid games never really say anything that could be used as a RTS resource. =/

I’m sorry I have truble with spelling I cant help it. cant tell you how many times my english teacher has marked me down for this. Im not being lazy I just cant spell period.

Now back on topic. You need somthing other then the three materials listed because most things are not made out of just phazon