Metroid Stratagy Game.

This is a new Idea being developed by me, Jetman123 and daveq this used to be another topic ( Metroid strategy game ehh?) but it was to unorganized to do anything so we decided to switch. we are very early in the development so we still nead a lot of brainstorming. If you have any Ideas or comments or just want to help this is the place to do it. Eventualy we will be moving to our own forum but thats a little ways off.

This is a list of questions that we will be working on first.

  1. Q. What will it be called? (A title.)
    A. Metroid: Galactic Clash (MGC)
  2. Q. When in the metroid series does this game take plase?
    A. It is in plase of the other games. Almost like an alternate reality
  3. Q. What is the story? (How did these civs. get into war. or will this evan be a (“War”)
  4. Q. What civs are we using?
    A. Galactic federation troopers and the space pirates.
  5. Q. What game will it be most like?
  6. Q. Will it just have space batles if not what else?
    A. It will also have planitary batles and space station battles
  7. Q. What ships/wepons will we have?
  8. Q. What old/new charicters will we be useing/creating?
    A. Samus, Noxus, a luminoth captin, ridley, mother brain and the omega pirate will al be main charicters.
  9. Q. What resourses will we be using in the game?
    A. Requisiton which will be like money.
  10. Q. What will the programing language be in?
    A. Game maker
  11. Q. What audio format?
    A. Midi’s and MP3’s it will be the players choce
  12. Q. What audio style?
  13. Q. What spriting format?
    A. Its the spriters’ choise as long as it looks good because once put into GM its al the same thing.
  14. Q. What spriting point of view?
  15. Q. What needs to be included on each sprite?
    A.each one needs to be veiwed moving in all directions and whatever its actions are like fireing mistles.
  16. Q. Can I work on any sprites, music, programing?
    A. No. Once all these basic questions are ansered and if We get enough suport. I will make this it’s own forum and then you can make them. Untill then you’ll just have to wait.

The real progress will now be at this is our board’s adrees
Note: If I missed anything tell me and I will add them to the list. As we anser them I will start to edit the post.

If I could make an RTS for every idea of one I had, I’d be one rich bastard. Here’s my ideas for you guys:

1.) Out with the Phazon as a main resource. The GF have no need for such material but the Pirates do for mutation. The problem with that is that Phazon mutants are insanely tough, so they should be included in limited numbers or at the highest “tech level” (if any).

2.) I’m guessing that the best approach would be an “Empire at War” setup where you go across the galaxy over planets and on them. That way you can include the best of both worlds AND particular planets can have particular traits (Talon IV has a Phazon deposite for example. This means that Phazon mutants as stated above could only be built at a certain tech in limited numbers if this planet is controlled [makes sense, doesn’t it?])

3.) The timeframe should probably encompass the entire saga thus far since there isn’t too much story behind the entire series. You’ll have to squeeze it all out and improvise the rest.

4.) Story line might be as follows:
The GF recently form their conglomeration of planets but are plagued with the Space Pirates and Ki Hunter armies. GF are to secure the galaxy, Pirates are to destroy the GF, and the Ki Hunters are to eliminate all other races (yes, they were alied with the Pirates, but when they came to the galaxy, their plan was to claim it all as their own).

5.) Resources might be as followed:

  • A single money resource which eliminates tedious resource gathering all together.
  • A type of ore used in construction.
  • Energy produced by various means.
  • Money as an extra resource if used in conjunction with ore/energy. might be used to hire mercenaries and perform upgrades.

6.) Since 3D is out of the question, I’m guessing that an isometric view is in order here.

These are just ideas. Take them and use/dsimiss them as you wish.

I like JM143’s idea of Metroid: Galactic Clash

I think this should take the GFT’s the space pirates, the luminoth, the Ki henters you said, the chozo and the ing

We should make the campain mode using the galactic federation troopers and have a free play mode or even a multiplayer mode with all civs. also every civ should have a specalty like defence, phazon, beams, mistles,… and they should have one or two specalty wepons along with recoured versons of all the other wepons. (each civ neads to be easaly told apart.)

I also think your idea is right it should defenatly be an Isometric Veiw with a grid you can turn on and off. (think fire emblem, advanced wars with a AoE RTS interface gone hi tech.)

Next on the list is the space batles. We should not just use space batles (to repetitive) we need some where you can use samus like on the planets/ celestial bodies and batles on giant space ships. we can even have mini levels where you control samus directly too.

money, ore(posible like diferent ones) and energy sounds good but how about food for the species that need to eat

We need a leader for each siv as well like samus. cant think of much at the moment.

Next lets discuss file formats. the sprites should be gifs. however I think the other two the music/programing will be up to the lead programers and music editors. (as I am not that good at eather) I think that the music should by a remix style that is fun to listen fo over and over and over and over and over again It sould probably encompresses music from many other metroid games.

Please note that I will not be changing anything on the first post. unless the majority of people in charge of the progect say so. The stuff on the first post is the most current information

I’d like to be the/a programmer for this… I made the second post in the other topic. >_>

I can only program in Game Maker though. Very good at it too.
So thats what program I suggest.

So, erm, for the style, I suggest Isometric… RPG view is basically Isometric, Top Down may work, Side view and anything else is a no-no.

I wanna be one of the project leaders! Can I? Please?

Oh, and eh, how are going to go about contacting each other? AIM? PM’s?

I dont mind I will put you on the list but before I can make you lead programer we need to see an example of your work and the. and yes pm’s are what we will use to contact eachother.

And remember this isnt just my topic I have to hake sure my other progect leaders like you too they started this topic along with me.

On a side note. This is just like P2D. if you do nothing your name will be taken off in the end so dont just say you want to do something to get your name on. I hate slackers.

Okay, now let’s not overestimate ourselves here. Let’s stick with two armies and a simple system, uncluttered by extra, hard-to-make features like multiplayer and such. If we can do that, THEN we can try Galactic Clash 2, with all of the other stuff!

Okay, here’s my revised suggestions:

  1. Okay, no Phazon as a resource. I think we should go with the Requisition idea I previously stated, but only having it as the single resource in the game. You get Requisition by capturing and holding points on the map - the more points, the more Requisiton resource per second.

  2. Yeah, isometric view seems good for the ground combat. Space combat, however, I think should remain flat 2D, as it would be simpler in that environment.

  3. Two armies: Galactic Federation and the Pirates. We’ll start out with just these two, and if the first project turns out to be a success we can add more in the sequel/expansion/update thingamabob.

  4. Yeah, a galactic conquest - battlefront style thing here. We’d have multiple planets with multiple ground and space maps for each planet, each one set at a different place in the saga.

  5. File formats should be .GIF, and I think we’re going to be programming this in Game Maker, as I don’t think we could get much experience elsewhere from our contributors.

  6. Leaders for each army. Samus for the GF in certain maps, or a hero Trooper for others. Space Pirates… well, I have no idea what the Space Pirate heroes would be. How about a Phazon Pirate, or a commando squad?

  7. Audio format… still undetermined, as it depends on the scale of this. Are we going for minimization - in that case, MIDI’s are the way to go, but if we’re not going to concern ourselves with keeping filesize down, MP3s for music and WAVs for sound seems good.

Okay, everyone in agreement on these seven points so far?

I don’t care about the other points, but GIFs as the spriting format? Do you realize how shitty that would make it look? Make it PNGs for God’s sake.

  1. two armies and then we keep buidling off the game. And we make like a GC v2.0.

  2. Recuizition yes but also money we will need money too.

  3. issometric for everything its a more involving prosses but it looks beter im the end. We need a visable grid as well. Agusting the transparentsy can be an option.

  4. we need like half space battles and half ground batles. some planets will require more atention. Like the ones with a phazon suply. We need to also have some space station batles. However the points wont just be scatered throughout the series this will have it’s own story

  5. we all agree with game make and gif’s

  6. Samus as the GF hero, and Omega Pirate for the Space pirates

  7. probable midi’s so people with slower computers can play easy

These are new ideas

  1. the story takes plase after mp2 so we can add more sivs later if we chose to
  1. Okay, agreed.

  2. Requisition IS the money. It’s just basically like money to be used in an orginization - the idea is that we aren’t MAKING the units and vehicles, we’re having them dropped in, already built, from our headquarters off-planet.

  3. Yeah, isometric for everything actually. But how the hell will we put A GRID into a REAL-TIME-STRATEGY?! What would the point be, except for building structures? Is that what you meant - only when building?

  4. Yeah, first point = agreed. Space station battles… yeah! It could be an attack-and-defense mode, where one side is defending an orbital station and another is trying to destroy it.

  5. Well, file format for GIFs would make the quality pretty poor. Maybe we should go with PNG… game maker can use that, too, and anyone with XP can easily convert any bmp to PNG.

  6. Agreed.

  7. How bout letting the player choose between MIDIs and MP3s? Like a Metroid: Galactic Clash/Conquest Lite Version and the Full Version.

And here are a few single-player scenarioes we could use:

  1. The Battle For Mars

In this alternate timeline, the Space Pirates have invaded the Sol system. They launched an immediate assault on Mars, intending to hold it long enough to mine the planet of the resources they badly needed for an assault on the Galactic Federation headquarters on Earth. Galactic Federation troops have been deployed and are tasked with taking down the Space Pirate mining facilities scattered in this part of the quadrant before they can set up more. And along with the troops and vehicles, Samus Aran leads, a hefty paycheck in the works if she and her commanded troopers can take back this part of Mars.

Objectives (GF):

Eliminate all Space Pirate mining camps
Keep Samus Aran alive

Objectives (SP):
Hold mining camps for ten minutes OR eliminate all Galactic Federation forces OR kill Samus Aran.

  1. The Zebes Cleanup (Both Space Battle and Ground Battle)

Samus Aran has defeated the Space Pirates on Zebes, routing all traces of command. Yet many Space Pirates have escaped, and have set up camps along with whatever they were able to evacuate from the bases. They are still a threat and must be eliminated. And there are most definitely still remnants of the Space Pirate fleet in orbit, escort groups of the Space Pirate carrier that went to the surface with Ridley. To make matters worse, some of the Space Pirates on the surface have gone rogue, forming at least a dozen tiny war-camps seeking to unite the rest of the pirates under a new Space Pirate army for personal glory. The Space Pirate camps are disorganized, but there are many, and if they suceed in reunifying and rebuilding a base on Zebes, it might be a nightmarish repeat of the first Zebes Incident, even with it so shortly finished. The Galactic Federation must go through the canyons of the area and systematically eliminate the Space Pirate camps. If they cannot eliminate half of the pirate camps within five minutes, they will unify and build a small base, becoming even more dangerous.

Objectives (GF):
Eliminate half of all Space Pirate camps within five minutes (optional)
Eliminate all Space Pirate forces

Objectives (SP):
Eliminate all rogue Space Pirate camps
Hold off Galactic Federation for five minutes (optional)
Defeat all Galactic Federation forces

Ok, wtf? Why would Samus die in the very first senario? She should never die. PERIOD. And the storyline should be like Starcraft. You play one campaign to unlock the next. Then, the game’s story goes…smoother.

Um, that’s the point. She can’t die - she’s too important and it would mess the continuity. Hence the player for the GF has to keep her alive! Haven’t you played an RTS that has that kind of setup, commanders or leaders and having to keep them alive? They’re a dime a dozen. Try playing Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Tons of missions where you have to keep Princess Leia, Luke, Han Solo, and the ol’ motley crew from the movies in one piece. If they die, who cares? It’s a game. You restart until you win it. And whatever happens when you win is what actually happens - all of the losses are not “counted” when you move to the next. So Samus Aran stays alive, even if she died in the past games before the player restarted.

And that’s not the first mission. It’s just one of many, and would definitely not be the first.

Erm, I must say I agree.

It’s just too bad no one realizes that Game Maker compresses sprites to it’s own format. (Hence why you can only save sprites as GIF.'s in it’s editor.) Meaning, who cares about the sprite size?

Back to yor other coments JM123

  1. fine only requizition just to make it simpaler. But you need to be able to build baces/factories where you can build troops not just at headquarters

  2. yes exactly I am sorry I wasn’t more spesific

  3. how about leting the maker of the spries chose instead. I like GIF’s because all my programs save as gifs. however if you want I can use a conversion program I have and turn all the ones I make into png’s. I dont like Adobe Photo Shop I just do everything by hand.

  4. Okay we’ll do that

I was talking about the fuckin pace Pirate mission you dumbass.

he means that if you play as the pirates killing samus will be the final misson. And if you play as the GF killing the Omega Pirate will probably be the last mistion as well. Each civ will have it’s own storyline with seperate battles sequences. What do you think of my segestions JM123. And where is an example of your work AM143.

Hey, watch the flaming. Although you do have a point. It IS stated that it’s an alternate timeline, but Samus should at least be a last boss of sorts for them…not die in the first level.

Exactly. Thank you. And i think your ideas would work well. :smiley:>

Well, you see, when you order a building, it is flown in via shuttle, partially prefabricated. The half-finished construction is now on the ground. You send your builder unit over to build and then complete the structure.

Just like the units, it’s just another thing that’s brought in from off-planet. You would use requisition for both.

As for your suggestions dark metroid? Yup, they’re good. I agree.

As for the mission things, I didn’t mean it was a Pirate mission. I meant to point out that you would be playing as it from the Galactic Federation’s side, not as the Space Pirates, and the Pirate objectives were there to show you what they had to do to make you lose. But that would work interestingly as well… now that Samus Aran is on Mars, the Space Pirates see their chance to cut the head off the serpent and make it a priority to kill Samus, and this forms the background of what you’re doing if you play as the Pirates.

As dark metroid stated, that would be neat. Each campaign would end with you going after the hero of each side, and successfully completing the last level if you suceed in killing them. And we can explain everything by saying it’s an alternate timeline and has no bearing on the series itself, as we already stated.

Okay, how about two hero units for each side, used alternatingly on different maps:

Galactic Federation

  1. Samus Aran
  2. Some kind of famed trooper, like a captain-ranked, very powerful trooper from the special forces or something.

Space Pirates

  1. Ridley
  2. Omega Pirate

How does this sound?

Also, an idea for the tutorials. We would have a tutorial level, where the player learns how to play the game by using Samus after a shuttle she is on crashes. The player has to control her and get her across a canyon with Space Pirate patrols to get back to her gunship.

The GF heros should be in order of ranks from low to high

  1. noxus from MPH I remember reading somewhere that he/she (I dont know) was part of the GF
  2. then someone we create (posibly a luminoth or chozo)
  3. then Samus Aran of corse

And on the other side It should be

  1. ridly
  2. then Omega Pirate
  3. then Mother Brain

Plus an intelegense agency that breifs you on each misssion before you play a level.

The tutorials should be in the main game itself as you play. For instance if you encounter a new object it explains it at the begining of the batle. It also helps you learn by saying like “would you like to learn about buildings”. The player should be able to turn these on and off if they want to.

Missile Trooper? The one you fight in the Splinter Hive?