Metroid: Something

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>insert interesting story to make people play it when it is done or has a demo<

Yeah. And when I make fan games, I try to make them hihg quality, so try to expect something good for me. Here is one of my megaman x fan games i made, one of the best clones made with gm.

UPDATES on eit.

*Jul 22 - Started Project with GM5, will be converted to GM6 when I get home(my dad’s laptop cant handle gm6 becauseof the graphics card).
I’m planning on making the graphics myself, using a cartoony look.
decided not to go with original…too hard XD

*Jul 21

decided to go with original again…lols…
AFTER MAKING THIS!!!(not done yet k, made from scratch)

Sounds like Metroid: II.


Anyways, I’ve decided to just use ripped graphics…this original thingy is not doing so good…


its kind of tough animating these thats why

edit 2

decided to go with original style again when i made these