Metroid sites!

Fan games Metroid Classic… er, SSG thingy Super Metroid Classic Metroid mod for Halo Custom Edition Metroid Games Metroid Fan Mission Metroid: Revolution Metroid Net Mission (Not the same)
Fan sites SCU Metroid2K2 Phazon HQ Metroid II Secret Worlds Metroid Metal Relics of the Chozo Super Metroid Remix (Music) Metroid Database Metroid Guide Metroid Evolution: Helping Retro Studio Metroid HeadQuarters Metroid Science Guide

Some sites I visited looked as if they were abandoned or just took 3 seconds to make. Enjoy!

I know it sucks but I’ll have updates after I write everything. And I’ll get a domain.

18 x forum advertise = banhammer.

Err… I don’t even know if that would count as forum advertising. :\

Advertise? Do you realize I made %0.000000 of these websites? At least you have a hunch I am advertising nothing…
You forgot about the Metroid: Galaxy banner.

Great. I’m constantly updating.