Metroid: silence

I’m hoping to make a fangame. The problem is that I’m not a very good programmer. I just need a basic super metroid engine. If you’re a good programmer and interested in helping out, PM me.

Samus is sent by the galactic federation to destroy a space pirate frigate called the narpas sword. On the frigate, she finds coordinates to a secret pirate base on a remote planet, and heads over to stop whatever plans the pirates have. It turns out the pirates are secretly breeding metroids again. (sorry, it just wouldn’t be a metroid game without them.) You also find that some pirate outposts and animal dens are mysteriously empty, hence the name silence. (maybe) What’s causing this?..

For those of you don’t get the narpas sword thing, it was a code in metroid 1.

                            NARPAS  SWORD0
                            000000   000000

I believe there’s a Super Metroid level editor somewhere, in beta test or something. I’m not sure where the link is, p’raps someone here could be of more assistance.

Sounds a good story, as well.

Thanks. Did you mean super metroid classic? I got it, but,asyou said, it’s still in it’s beta stages. It can barely do anything right now, so I’d have to wait quite a while. Thanks anyway.

Super Metroid, quite sure of it. Come to think of it, I may have favourited it. I’ll edit this post in a moment and tell ya if I have it favourited or not.

EDIT: No, I don’t have it favourited. I found it on a post on this forum, so someone else should know what I’m talking about.

SMILE. Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor. By Jathys. Download here.

Thanks a lot, but these are for emulators, right? If so, wouldn’t everyone that played it have to have an emulator too? I appreciate the effort, but I guess I didn’t really specify, I’m basically looking for a super metroid engine for gamemaker version 5 or 6. (preferably version 6)