My friend is too dumb to register at this site so i’m writing this for him. :unamused:

the plot:

Metroid prime and emperor ing were resurected and got in a big fight in a room filled with phazon. A phazon cristal fell on both of them causing them to accidentally morph.When samus heard of this, she rushed to the station and got struck with a phazon crystal, causing her dna to have 25% phazon mutation.She was too dizzy from the phazon to fight, so she went back to her ship. As she was flying her ship to land on the nearby planet she lost conscious in the planet’s atmosphere, and crashlanded on the planet. As a result, she lost everything but her corrupted suit.The phazon modified the power beam into a phazon power beam.If samus is to escape the planet,(the ship’s power core is destroyed)she must find a new power core.

sounds really good to me, but the name sucks!

I know the name sucks but I cant change it because its not my idea

but tell him the name sucks then :stuck_out_tongue:

Or tell him to register here and promote his fangame his ownself. It isn’t that hard to sign up to a forum. :unamused:

I agree with Dark Samus, why is he unable to join?

because he is lazy :unamused: . I have recently registered him. I named him phazon lord.

This game sounds Kick Ass ( I just want to see a Zero Mission styled MP/EI, now that eaquals(=) awesome!!!A:W:E:S:O:M:E, im a retard, any way I wish your freind the best of luck with his project!

EDIT: fixed awesome, :laughing:, I dont know english!

Does he need help with anything on the game?

yes, he needs sprites of emperor ing and metroid prime combined. he doesnt care for the way it looks though.

Ughh, I can’t do custom sprites like that, the best I can do is maybe get a pose of him. Is there anything other than that I can work on.

music,programming,ripped tilesets and background.I myself am working onthe project.I already have the whole game mapped out.

Ok I can’t do programming, or music but I can get backrounds and tilesets. First however, let me see if I can make a picture of Emperor Ing and Metroid Prime combined.

:smiley: cool,thanks EI

man talk about the ultamate metroid prime boss what if it fused with ALL the creatures in mp1 and 2?

that would be a hell of a boss to try to fight!

OMFG pwnage boss!11!!!1!!1one1111shift!1!

j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine if there was a boss made of every crature from EVERY metroid game.

it would probably take so much space in a game, that you would start and have to fight it immediately!lol! you would get a 100% all items and a time of twenty minutes just because they couldnt fit anything else!

I can make the emporer ing/metroid prime combination and help with sprites if this game is still going\

alright, sorry to be the first one to critique, but the only thing everyone here has done is agree that it’s good… I mean, honestly,SOMEONE has to point out something bad about the game. It just… wouldn’t work otherwise.

The story, yes, is ok. But the chances that a phazon crystal just… falls on the two? Maybe a reaction from the phazon from the energy being released from the attacks. Like… DS charges up a blast, and fires, and at the same time, Emporer Ing attacks with…oh… light or dark lazer, whatever, who cares. Then they fuze. But I think just getting hit in the head with a phazon crystal would pretty much just give you a massive headache :stuck_out_tongue:

bad joke…

So when samus comes, another crystal just magically pops out of place, and cracks her in the head too?

Again… she just HAPPENED to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? I’d say that when she walked into the room, the phazon was still unstable, and goes KAboom, or something of the sort, corrupting her suit. Actually, I just came up with an entirely differant idea, having to do with Samus narrowly escaping a little attack, but I’ll spare you.

And maybe give a reason for going unconcious and crashing. Like… the phazon is leaching out her energy, very slowly?

EDIT: sorry, Metriod Prime, not DS. but whatever, they’re the same thing anyway :stuck_out_tongue: