Metroid RPG

Basically it’s an RPG where you play as Samus doing bounty missions across many planets. It may seem like it has no plot but in the end it will make sense. It will include many planets, Chozo, new enemies, bringbacks of old enemies, Dark Ridley (WOOT!!!), new powerups, and more. I’ve already started on the first mission.

Sounds like fun, but I’m not sure how Metroid will fit into turn-based battle.

Metroid RPG???What are u using?

I’m using a Gamemaker version 6.1.

I’m only using that because it’s simple and free.

try using RPG maker XP…Its the best RPG making program :wink:

Well could you give a link for it please? And if it’s not free I can’t use it.

It’s extremeley low budget (no budget :mrgreen: )

[DING! No illegal software please.]

Sorry but the url didn’t work. I copied and pasted and it gave me the error page.

of course it’s free, it’s just the same as illegaly obtaining commercial software :wink:

not really…
to Metroid Master@
The site is down right now but check there later

Check Google, type RMXP Downloads, then find it. Best to use a download site.

u guys forogt to mention theres like a 19mb rtp file required, so yah, id stick with game maker, eve n though rpg maker is a awsome program.
but here are some links.

[DING! No illegal software please.]

Wait, so the game will be turn-based, or be a metroid game with RPG elements?

I hav english RMXP

Metroid game with RPG elements. Just minus the random encounter thing. I’m pretty sure everyone hates that.

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Just the excuse I needed to go on a maim rampage…

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I thought you all knew that distributing/asking for illegal software is not allowed in this forum…
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If software is made by someone and they distribute it for free, it’s not illegal. Cracking something you have to pay for is. I don’t know if the I missed something about the RPG Maker, but something like that doesn’t sound illegal.

The link died, so I can’t check it.

Oh, it is. Trust me, I’ve been involved in plenty of discussions about this very subject over at BNG.

And by the way, to anyone that recalls the last time he did that, CFX had permission to give that rant there, so don’t yell at him this time :3

Although he did go a bit overboard. I’ll probably edit that a bit later… >_>;