Metroid RPG

Yup, a Metroid RPG: it’s a great game if you understand french, and even better when I replace the sprites with my upgraded ones :sunglasses:, and you can find it on a website called plan?te zebes. Good game apart from rubbish graphics.

…So, er, link? >_>

Would it murder you to give us a link?

Laughs at the futility of asking for a link, and gives you the URL instead, which he just found in a whole ten seconds.

Also, actual link.

Well of course it’s easy to find, but his post had no substance whatsoever, not even a link to see what the hell he was talking about. We were picking at that. >_>

Anyway, forgetting my… er… forgotten link, what do you think of the actual game in terms of gameplay, and, if you understand french, the storyline? I found it OK, but the graphics were such a letdown I re-did three quarters of the whole sprites again. Pm me if you want to comment them or just check 'em out.

Well, I got literally stuck in the first room of the game. If you keep saying no (or “non”) to her chair, it lowers and lowers until it gets jammed in the doorway and Samus is stuck trying to walk into it. So now I’m watching the longer-than-Fusion intro again. I love how the sound effects are 10 times as loud as the music.

The sprites in-game are the crappy ones. The ones I did are on my hard drive. As I said earlier, PM me if you want to see the upgraded ones. DON’T STEAL THEM. They’re copyright Brice and Ninty. Plus I’ll rip your head and deep-fry your entrails.
Stuck in the first room? LOL. You answer OUI to save (and not watch that f*cking intro again) and walk straight down, perpendicular to the chair. Otherwise you translate the level files (.IMU) by first opening them with the Wordpad and then the translting software. Or learn French.
Example of upgraded sprite:

Well, I didn’t mean stuck as in I couldn’t figure out what to do. I meant stuck as in, literally, I couldn’t move. I hadn’t saved yet (as I was too curious as to why this thing that looked like a giant pump kept moving downwards), so I had to watch the intro again. I ended up getting pretty far after that.

Yes, I understood that. That’s why I said to move down perpendicular to the chair. If you go on the sides of the room, you’ll get stuck in those gaps. I did exactly the same thing the first time I played. Have you tried translating the files? Do you actually understand my gabble about it? If you do, watch out you don’t translate the code, otherwise it’ll screw the game up.

PS: Could you show me the basics of MIDI composing? Like a tutorial of some kind? If you could I’d be grateful. And what program do you use?

EDIT Shit, I didn’t remember the .Imu files being so encrypted… Good luck for those if you plan to translate them…

What about the fiddly RPGish storyline? Do you understand it?