Metroid Revelations

IM making game named Metroid Revelations this is the start image and i need help making the game

youre gunna need to give us more then an image if you want help

ok i have a bit of the stroy a lot of sprites (samus suits,beams,missiles,bombs,creatures,enemies,ships) and a few tiles and backgrounds

To quote another forum user without bothering to dig up the exact quote, he’s a fifteen year old who wants to do something cool.
Good luck.

Core, if you want to get anywhere, you’re going to want to be a lot more organized, and you’re going to want to read this thread.

ok i agree with that but i need a help cause i strated the game like 1 week ago in game maker 8.0 but in the game samus flies and dont walk or run the metroids are great and i take the blue X parasite like an flotaing Phazon that make the metroids into phazon metroids but im still needing help

well you should probably edit the story into your first post

people from this board are generally too lazy or too busy to help with such fangames…

“Lazy” and “unmotivated” aren’t the same thing.
The contents of this thread don’t make me go “Oh! This sounds cool! I really want to work on this!”
It more so makes me go “Oh! Another guy who wants to make a fan game who doesn’t seem to know how much work it’s going to be.”
I like optimism, but he hasn’t even told us the story yet.

[sarcasm] Cool concept, bro. [/sarcasm] Come back when you have a game.

Phlakes please dont fk all the game with that coments that doesnt help in anithing

PD:i will give you the whole stroy tomorrow

So how about you guys stop picking on the newcomer, or I start dishing out warns? kthxbai.

Seriously, just because you don’t want to help doesn’t give you permission to pick on him.

thanx zurg

my posts still stand, you do need to give us more

you have to make us want to help

CMC does have a point. Not that there are many people here to help anyways, there are at most 10 active members, and all of us either have no skill or our own projects.

or are so busy with college they cant do anything if they want now D=

ok the strory begings with what happened with samus when she was a child(in this part is like in the M:ZM when youre in the Space Pirates Mothership),then its the first mission to collect some species of the life in SR388, and the last Mission of samus when Adam dies because the Galactic Federation take the DNA of each boss IN The Story and making clones of they returning SA:X, Dark Samus AND Again Ridley,Mother Brain And kraid but the worst enemy will be not only herself it will be the loved ones corrupted by Space Pirates DNA with some Phazon (That means to Return To the Phazon Mines) :confused: I dont know if i wrote al in the rigth order but tell me if you understand it :smiley:> Oh iforget abou this: the Space Pirate final Boss Have the Samus DNA inside him

Um… no, not at all.

ok i will see if ican fix it(IM not talking about the edit Reply Button)

… whats ADN?

I believe it’s a typo, and he meant “and.”


EDIT: Wait…skimming is not very useful. Just noticed it being used where “and” wouldn’t fit. Whoops. I honestly have no clue what ADN is.

Uh, what’s ADN?