Metroid Remake

If you could remake ANY Metroid game, which would you choose?

  • Metroid
  • Metroid 2: Return of Samus
  • Super Metroid
  • Metroid Fusion
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Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve recently recieved a 3d pre-rendering program called AC3D. With this powerful new tool, I want to try and make a Metroid fangame of my own (without support from others) using completely pre-rendered sprites (for those who don’t know, pre-rendered means that it’s just a 3d model without any effects applied to it, except maybe lighting). I have the ability to make these models and turn them into animations, so don’t doubt that I’ll get at least that part done.

Back to the poll, I’m thinking of remaking a metroid game in a 3d looking environment, just to see how it will turn out. I’m kind of at a loss though, since I don’t know which one to do. I have been thinking of revamping Metroid 2, just to do that wonderful title some justice, but I want you, the public, to decide.

Oh, and BTW, I’m starting work on the Samus model, if not for this, then for experience and fun, though I can’t promise it will be out soon since it has to be one hell of a model…

cool, just a sugestion, i can do some work in modeling, but only if u want.
i’d say M2

I would say Metroid Fusion. I think that because it’s so much different from all the other Metroid games(except Echoes, I guess), and if you made any of the other Metroid games in 3d, it would just look like Metroid Prime.

What do you mean “they will look like Prime”? It would be a side scroller with 3d pre rendered sprites. P2D isn’t prerendered either, it’s photoshop and some situations involving MS Paint. I just want to see the effect more detailed, less pixelated models have on the game.

I think metroid 2 is the one in most need of a remake. I suggest you give it a map and just maybe some chozo statue guides like in zero mission, to make it a bit less confusing where to go.

And be sure to make the invironment look like it does in SRX. (BSL’s sector 1)

There, just some ideas.

Well, I plan on actually remaking the game with sections (Brinstar, Norfair) bosses (mini-bosses, and no not Metroids) and maybe even features that weren’t in the game (if at all possible, grapple beam and such.) Notice however my wording at the top though: “I have the ability to make these models and turn them into animations, so don’t doubt that I’ll get at least that part done.” It doesn’t mean I’ll be able to make the game (predominantly the engine), but at this point I have one damn good idea of how it would be.

UPDATE: I’m sorry to say this myself, but I have hit a MAJOR problem in my model of Samus. To put it frankly, I can’t do it. Problem is, this model was made directly from a Poser, or figure production/animation program. This means that it was well suited to reproducing the human form no matter what details were added to it. My experience with AC3D can’t duplicate some of these advanced polygons without extensive use of premade polygons (like cubes, spheres, cylinders). Because of this, objects will not have the same boundaries and surfaces from the origianl wireframe, thus destroying the capability to use the textures that came with it. Not to mention that the model wouldn’t look good at all, especially when taken apart… I don’t know if it’s possible, and if it is, if I can do it at all. This is turning out to be one of those dreams that never come true… :frowning:

GB metroid…It looks gay when it b&w,make it a color one with ZM style sprites

There’s my problem though: I SUCK at spriting. That’s why I want to use AC3D, but now it’s becoming impossible to make a good looking Samus sprite…

since u make stuff in AC3D u can make your own style in it…what kind of models do u make in it(post one),I used to make stuff there too

I need to get it on my site. Also, I didn’t mention that my texturing skills are all but non-existent :frowning:

BTW, all I have from Samus right now is a gun, completely untextured :confused:

it dosent hav to be samus…just post a model

Edit: Ok, my site is a jumbled mess scratched out from a family website. Currently the the shamble of a page isn’t worth showing, it being cluttered with old stuff, useless code, etc. So here, I just put up 3 of my best works and nothing else (the rest of my stuff is basically tests, not good enough to be called “models”). Oh and BTW, I forgot to put individual links, but right now I could care less, so just go to the site and look down in order from top to bottom. It’s here. And Zone? I don’t HAVE a style. I make the models as close to real life as possible, so you can imagine how pissed I was when I found out that I couldn’t make Samus right.

Ok, first is of a Leman Russ, a medium tank in the world of Warhammer 40,000. about 250 objects with over 400 polygons, it’s my best work as of yet. As you can see (and as I have said before up top) my texturing skills are basically non-existent, so it’s just a big white blob, but I picked a rotation view where you can see most of the lines.

Second is a 3D model of the two head eagle, the symbol of the Imperium of Man (yes, it is also attributed to 40K). In fact, this wasn’t hard to make… Oh well, I’m tired so I won’t change it right now.

Last, but definately not least, is an amp. Yes it looks plain and not like an amp because it is old, VERY old. I found it in my basement covered in at least a centimeter of dust. Notice how I managed to put the words though? “But Gold Leader, you said you couldn’t use textures!!11” Yes, I can, but I forgot how long it took me just to make those words where they are even on that simple box. It’s actually an achievement, but I don’t take much note of it.

This is all I have so far, at least what’s worth posting. BTW, the suckiness of the animated GIFS is because… well, thery’re GIFS. They suck, but you can make them move so that’s all that matters. I didn’t get to post these yesterday and whatever, mainly because I’m worried about real life stuff which needs my attention more than this forum does. (On a side note, I’m starting to dabble with some spriting, just for the hell of it. On another side note, this is entirely off topic :>_>: )

Srry for the double post, Mods. UPDATE

Crap… I’m the one who voted for “Metroid”. I did it by accident - I meant to select M2. Sorry. :blush:

To be honest, I would remake ALL the Metroid games with decent cutscenes (with actual dialogue). I would also remake all the 2D games to 3D.

Tune in next week for Stupid Things that Seem Like a Good Idea At the Time.