Metroid - Reconciliation

[font=comic sans ms]All (or most) manga readers know of Samus’ begining as a small, three year old girl. She met two Chozinjokou, ulgy but friendly bird-like creatures, one with the name of Grey Voice, and one with the name of Old Bird. Old Bird - known to Samus as Bird Grampa - befriended young Samus, and helped her get her knap sack back from a squirrel.

Old Bird and Samus became a tight couple, until the two Chozinjokou had to leave. Samus wept, but the squirrel that Old Bird helped her befriend was her souvineir to help her remember the kindly creature. However, within a couple of hours, Samus’ home-planet was invaded by Ridley and his Space Pirates.

Samus’ father gave his life to save his family, but to his dismay, Samus was the only one who survived. The poor, 3-year-old girl walked among the rubble and ash that was left of what she had once called home. Samus’ squirrel helplessly clung to her shoulder.

The Chozinjokou came back, seeing that the planet was utterly destroyed. They walked around the remains of the Afloraltite mine, searching for any surviors. Luckily, Old Bird found Samus. The two bird-like creatures took Samus to their home-planet, Zebes.

They confronted their leader, Mother Brain, whom Samus eventually became an enormous rival with. Mother Brain told the two Chozinjokou that they had performed such a kindly deed, but their desicion was unwise. She told the two that Samus may be able to survive in Crateria, or maybe even Brinstar. But that was as far as she would be aloud to explore and live.

However, to Samus’ advantage, Old Bird had devised a plan. They locked her inside a chamber filled with a super-natural substance, a substance in which stregthened her body to a point where she could survive in all parts of planet Zebes. After the experiment had finished, the two birds tested Samus, suceeding in finding that she was filled with supernatural strength and agility.

While Samus was locked in the chamber, the two Chozinjokou had very devisively planned the rest of Samus’ life. They knew of a threat that was being unraveled, a creature known as the Metroid. They knew that when the time came for it to hatch and reproduce, the Galactic Federation would not be ready for it. But thanks to the two Chozinjokou, that never happened.

They were given the job of creating a human warrior, training her to her greatest possabilities. They consturcted a suit that allowed her to morph, substain from lava, scan objects, and even fire bullets and missiles. But they had yet to train her how to use it. They had to reconcile her to use her abilities to the greatest level of accuracy and strength, but that was a task that they were saving for another day.

That right there was basically an intro, so to speak, of what this fangame is going to be like. Basically it’ll take you through Samus’ life up until Zero Mission, and how she was reconciled into fighting for the Galactic Federation, hence the name Metroid - Reconciliation. More details to come later, but right now all I’m wating for is how other people take the idea of a ‘before the original’ fangame.[/font]

that sounds awesome, i cant wait until it comes out.

Ah, ****. I’m not the only one…

Ah, well. Luck t’ye. :slight_smile:

Not that its a big thing, but i’m pretty sure that it was a bunny and not a squirrel that the chozo helped her get.

[font=comic sans ms]Dude, I had no idea! I’m sorry… I didn’t know you were making a before-the-original, too. Not only that, it was your idea first. Well, crap. Does this mean my story, sprites and programming are going to have to go to waste? It at least looks that way… Maybe I could do this some other time.

Good luck to your game, -058- ! I hope it turns out to be a great one…[/font] :sweat:

Certainly not! There is no law about two games happening at the same time! These are all works of fiction, none of them have impact on the actual Metroid Universe. I cannot–and would not–stop you from making this game. Good luck to yours, and thanks for the luck on mine. :slight_smile:

[font=Comic sans ms]Okay, it seems as though my game is still underway! That’s good to know. Anyway. I’m going to need a team to help me out, or at least a few people on that note. So if you’d like to help, go ahead and ask! The plot still needs to be worked through, so any suggestions as for that would be helpful. Also, I’m going to need one or two extra spriters, simply because of how many different characters and enemies there are.

By the way… Ridley is an enormous part of the plot; he actually speaks, is able to walk and do more than just slaughter, and is the basic enemy of the game. So if you’re a Ridley fan, this will be a great game for you. Oh, and one last thing. This is more than just a shoot and aqquire game. It’s also a little bit of an RPG.

As of now, I’m gonna wait for people to respond and see what other’s thoughts are as for the game.[/font]

I like the idea alot. I have always loved that comic … the whole before story … I was just wondering, how are you doing cutscenes and such? Because if you need anime artwork in the style that the comic is in, I might be able to help.

I can help with scripting, if you can tell me the ideas. Also, I would be happy to help with boss ideas and enemy ideas, etc. I’m only a very novice programmer, but I’ll tell you when I’ll be able to help with that. So can I help??? :smiley: