Metroid: Quest

Im thinking about making a fangame Metroid: Quest.

Its like an RPG. But it works likewise to the controls and enviorment of Metroid: Fusion.

Its about Samus of course as she goes through various quests to near her way towards the dreaded planet Quakon. Quakon is filled to the brim with beasts like the huge Goren or the small Ckar. Why is Samus nearing toward the planet? The leader of Quakon always destroys planets and uses the sould energy or the core of the planet to always keep theirs running. Next they plan to attack Brinstar. Why would Samus waste time saving Brinstar? Because a huge team of scientists (about 10057 scientists) are there studying dead animals and things. Suddenly as Samus figures the plan out her ship gets hit by a huge missile. As the ship plummets toward an unknown planet Samus knows she cant contact the scientists now. Samus then goes off to try and get to Quakon to stop them another way. By destroying the leader as always. And so the story begins as the ship hurls into the unknown planet and the intro ends.

Now the RPG element in this game would be leveling up. There will be towns where you can buy energy tanks to get some hp back and other things like quests and weapon refills. The thing is when Samus is fighting enemys, after she defeats them you get Experience. Now yes of course with enough experience comes a level up, so what is the thing about leveling up? Well with each level up comes a health upgrade attack upgrade and possibly new quests unlocked.

So what would be an example of a quest? Something like this.

Bring back Glug 17 Metroid Corpses.

Like that. Then you would set off.

After you do so many quests and defeat a boss or two the second world will unlock. Then you will get a planet map untill you reach the final planet.

Thats what the fangame will be like if I make it. Which will be in a month or two maybe.

Um a lot of stuff never gets made ya know? People have cool ideas and then it NEVER gets finished. Its annoying. Cool idea if you can finish it then it will be cool.

First thing I’d suggest is finding someone who’s good at naming things. Those names really, really suck. >_>

It’s an interesting idea. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it before :confused:

Yeah I uh…couldnt really think of anything… T_T| It was the first thing that sprung into my head.

He means everything. The planets, the creatures, whatever, not just the game name.

I’m surprised no one else pointed this out…
Brinstar is kinda a part of Zebes. It’s… not it’s own planet.
And honestly, this doesn’t really sound… I don’t know… RPGish. The leveling system will seem like it was just thrown together and added so you can say ‘I did something new.’ And the quests sound… wierd.

i really like turn based rpgs better then real time rpgs. ive played them both and i like tbc better. you could also have the battle system like chrono trigger with speed bars. when the bar is filled up, that specific character gets his/her move.

I’m not sure if people would get hip to Turn-Based Metroid :confused: I know it would definitely be strange to me.

Turn based metroid would fail, hard.

Samus doesn’t have the same shizzaminess when she stands there and gets her brain sucked out by a metroid.