Metroid Prime

How will metroid prime look like in P2D???

… like Metroid Prime in 2d, perhaps?

do you mean the game or the enemy because if you mean the enemy i would like to sea a picture or screen shot too. though I dought you got that far into making the game yet

Learn to read and realize that the topic title answers your question. And no, we are not making her yet.

“Her?” That made me shrug. How do you know MP is a “she”? I know this is offtopic, and if I said “he”, then there’d be a huge argument about this, so let’s stick to “it”.

Because it becomes Dark Samus, and that’s a she. MP has no given gender, so it works. >_> Plus it spawns metroids, y’know, and only a female can do that usually.

Eww… I just noticed that. :O_O:

Well, I guess you’re right, then. :smiley:

I am not compleatly sure but metroids are probable asexual so mp has no gender

Except that you’re completely wrong, as they have a queen who is therefore female.

Metroid Prime is an African Tree Frog. She can change her gender to promote any of her sexual fantasies. Her actual name is TreeFrogPrime, but since it spawns metroids, they figured that calling it Metroid Prime would spare them a few democratic issues.

Lol, it looks nothing like a frog…

Lets get back on topic. (Not trying to minimodd; this is just um- a suggestion? :slight_smile: )

The Queen Metroid from M2:RoS is indeed female, but several times Metroid Prime is refered to as “it” in the game.

Dark Samus is a female, given that she stole some of the DNA of Samus.

all were saying is that there is never any verification as to what gender mp is. and the reson I said it is asexual is because it spawns those metroids without a mate dazzy

And all I was saying was that I have reasons for calling it female, and until Retro says one way or the other, female works. Most people call genderless things he anyway, but MP is more she-like, so it works. :slight_smile:

No, most genderless things are called ‘she’s’. For example boats, cars, and other forms of transportation. Although those are inanimate objects, but still in the same general idea. If the creature however has several parts that look like penises, which the Prime games tend to do, then I wouldn’t think anyone would use ‘she’. If the entire monster is a giant penis… yeah.

You sir, are a sick bastard. If video games can’t get you to stop thinking about male body parts nothing will…

… What the hell do penises… yknow what, screw it. >_>

But, no, I mean creatures. A genderless character in a game is usually called he.

Almost all of the male creatures have penises. Sorry for noticing. <_<;;

Does that mean all Space Pirates are male? >_>

You’re not implying that you… look at Space Pirate… p0rn…?