Metroid Prime Trilogy Concept Art

this is cool and it looks like they had plans to have an omega metroid in the metroid prime series but didn’t make a the cut

Danny Rischardson concept artist for metroid prime trilogy


: Edit: Update with other Concept art from other artists, also stuff that didn’t make it into the game. Also change the name of the forum

That Omega reminds me of the Newborn from Alien 4.

Interesting… #4 looks like it became the Hunter.

Also, I think that Metroid looks fricking sweet, even if it is a bit non-cannon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing. Prime concept art I haven’t seen before. Also, that Ki Hunter is fucking badass.

Tha Bump why more good stuff, ENJOY, it will be links to a forum but, they have so many good metroid stuff.

Metroid Prime concept and stuff that didn’t make it

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, stuff that didn’t make it

Links to other pages also info about Light and Dark Powerbombs?

Ok i know i posted 3 links well one goes to the main page about hidden weapons and etc. but so much info why not make it easier to find. Also enjoy. :sunglasses:

Holy… crap.

Some amazing finds, man. Now I’m super bummed some of that didn’t make it in… haha.

I have to say that probably 90% of that was never intended to be used, but rather the designers ‘walking through’ their ideas.

Several pieces in the collections are also fan-works.

None the less, it’s an impressive set of work that’s popped up over the years, can’t wait until more of it becomes public. (You best be betting there are well over 1000 drawings from just Prime 1 alone at Retro)

Also: Daz, just remember that in most cases, cuts are good. It keeps the end product from being diluted. You just have to cut the right parts.

Yeah but that whole segment on Dark Samus and how one of the concepts was that the creature mutated its body with the creatures it killed sounded awesome…

I specifically refer to the classic-design Space Pirates for Prime 1, and the Mecha Dark Samus boss fight. Also Kraid.

But I agree overall. Most of the cut content either feels out of place or was replaced by something just as good.

But DAMN those pirates are sexy.

Those are some really nice finds WotW!

Thanks :smiley:>

Also i think this will help all of the sprite ters(metroid fan art) out in the world out more on how to make new sprites of these things. :smiley: :sunglasses:

also thank Metroid Database, he sent me the message on DA (Deviantart)

I know this is very very old topic but found more information regarding the Dark, Light, and Annihilator Bomb

Dark Bomb (power bomb upgrade)
“The Dark Bomb combines the power of the Dark Beam with that of the Power Bomb.
When in Morph Ball mode, press [C-Right] to select the Dark Beam, then press [Y] to drop a Dark Bomb.
Samus’s Notes:
Dark Bombs release a field of dark matter tendrils when they detonate. These tendrils can entangle and hinder enemies.
Dark Bombs are not effective against Denzium.”

Light Bomb(power bomb upgrade)
The Light Bomb combines the power of the Light Beam with that of the Power Bomb.
When in Morph Ball mode, press [C-Down] to select the Light Beam, then press [Y] to drop a Light Bomb.
Samus’s Notes:
Light Bombs do not detonate on release. They explode when an enemy enters their detection radius, or when another Light Bomb goes off.
Light Bomb explosions are white-hot, and can set enemies on fire.
The brilliance of Light Bomb explosions can blind and stun dark creatures.
The Light Bomb is not effective against Denzium.

Annihilator Bomb(power bomb upgrade)
The Annihilator Bomb is a potent explosive, combining the Power Bomb with the energies of the Light and Dark Beams.
When in Morph Ball mode, press [C-Left] to select the Annihilator Beam, then press [Y] to drop an Annihilator Bomb.
Samus’s Notes:
When an Annihilator Bomb detonates, it emits a cloud of Light and Dark energy particles. These deadly particles will seek all enemies within a radius.
The Annihilator Bomb is not effective against Denzium.

These kinda remind me of Super Metroid power bomb beam combos, would have been cool if they made it into the finale game and gave more boss fight in Metroid Prime 2; here’s a video link of them

Ingame beta of the bombs

Makes me wish they make the Ultimate Metroid Prime Triliogy for the Switch with 1080p and program these bombs into the game.

Very cool!
I’ve always wondered why Retro Studios never gave beam properties to regular morph ball bombs. It would make navigating as morph ball a lot easier as you could open most doors with bombs, rather than only the blue doors.

Maybe for the Nintendo Switch they will make a Super Remastered Version of Metroid Prime Trilogy with extra content, Due to know they are able to put more into games.

My Guess is that they where limited on what the gamecub and wii could do.

Better yet they need to look into Metroid Prime Hunters for their new system really. I would love to see all of those Hunters that MPH introduce in high 1080p or 4k graphics.

Those power bombs would have been interesting also could change the way Metroid Prime 2 Echoes was played and finished too. I bet they have animations on what those bombs look like, going have to dig deeper into the web to find it hopefully.

We can hope, but with the direction they took the franchise for Federation Force, I’m not too hopeful for Metroid games, at least in the near future. :frowning:

Yeah I wasn’t too happy about Federation Force, I manly watch gameplay of it and i’m like wtf really. As for that I’m holding off on buying games from Nintendo even the switch until they confirm a True Metroid game is coming for it.