metroid prime soundtrack

does any1 know where i can get the metroid prime 1-2 soundtracks? they are the best ever

Check The Metroid Database. They have most of the tracks.

Just because SCU died, does that mean Symphony of Samus II was cancelled?

ty. that is a good website.

i like metroid music, but i do think this topic was a duplicate…

anyway, your avatar doesn’t work.

Try Syphony of Samus 1 for Metroid Prime songs.

Is it possible to download anything from that site without Fileplanet demanding you to pay for magazines and games?

Yeah, pay for magazines and games.
Fileplanet is horrible that way.

You could just log in like it asks you to. Or register a free account. It’s not that much work. When you get past there and to the download page(s), wait for the “Free Public Servers” to load. (they load last, and it’s being really slow). FilePlanet sucks, but you don’t have to pay or anything.

So, is this topic proof that video game soundtracks are legally downloadable?

well google is still there and those bt fans can just use it, regardless of game soundtrack downloading bing legal or not.

Right, except it’s in the rules not to ask for warez.

yeah…that`s what good ol’ google is for

But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m asking if it is considered warez.

Is Symphony of Samus still up?

I think so that this is warez, since music from a game company is able to download on the computer for free sounds like warez to me there is no profit for the company or and thing for the company.

form the rule forum area.

I’m pretty sure it’s only illegal if there’s an official soundtrack you can buy.

try VG Music

that’s mostly crappy re-mixes

I Have found a very gd website for the metroid prime music it is


type in metroid prime 1 free music on google it is on page 14


Is Symphony of Samus still up? I never bookmarked it.