Metroid Prime: Rebirth

Hugna told me to tell you guys about my game so I will.

I am making a game on gamemaker that is an FPS. Its pretty fun, I’ve been working on it for a while now. It takes place between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Here are some screenshots:

I’ve been using gamemaker for a couple years so I know how it all works out. I have made many games, but the two I’m working on now are my greatest of work. Metroid Prime: Rebirth and Fynn: The Elemental Brand are my games. I hope to come out with a demo for each of them soon. In fact, a demo for MPR comes out tomarrow! But I might have a delay on Fynn because of procrastination and we had some data corruption.

But this is really about Metroid. So Fynn is out of the picture here. I have a forum if you have questions and/or just want to be a member :smiley:

looks okay. You might want to move the gun to the right a bit more though.

Maybe you should… Try a little harder on the Arm Cannon…

Yeah, like actually make it the right color for starters :unamused:

Do you mean the Blue and Red ones? Because those are different beam weapons.

Otherwise, I will try to fix the colors. Maybe a little more green…ish. tell me what to do.

The easiest way is to get a Metroid Prime screenie, and take the color’s from the arm cannon.

And… Maybe you could add some shading?

Or you could use real 3-D models, instead of sprites. That way you can get them to move up and down realistically while you walk around, move backwards realistically when you shoot, etc. like in my fangame. Try also getting the shapes and colors right for the other beams. The ice beam is taller than the power beam, and the ice is a lot more white, not that super eye-burning blue. The plasma beam is longer than the power beam, and it’s not that ugly brown-ish orange color with neon red.

As for the HUD, the visor and beam icons in the lower corners are a little bit unorganized. Some are bigger than others, some are too far to a side, etc. Plus some of your screenshots have them not matching the current beam selected. (One example: the one with the plasma beam has only the power beam and ice beam in the bottom-right, with no icon in the middle) I hope you have that fixed for the demo.

And what are those things on the ground there? Is that supposed to be phazon? It sure doesn’t look like it. I like the electricity coming from it though. Try making it light blue.
Edit3: Actually, I guess it does look like phazon. Just make each individual part about twice as large.

Edit: Oh, I also noticed something else. That circle thing in the upper-left shows where nearby enemies are, right? And the two lines show what you’re seeing right now? Then the two lines should form an angle twice as much as the angle you have the 3-D projection set to. What I mean is… er… From your pictures, it looks that you can see at a 45-degree angle to the right, left, top, and bottom. That means that the two lines in the circle should form a 90-degree angle. Got it? Good.

Edit2: Also, the energy bar isn’t centered. Well, it is, but it’s centered along with the number. I think I would like it better if the number was below the energy bar. That way you could have the actual bar be centered, and the number could be located right below where the current energy is.

Note: These are all just my opinions; ignore them if you want to.

Well, enough bashing the graphics. This fangame looks good, and it’s making me wait even more anxiously for tomorrow. :smiley:
I really want to play this!

Urhm… Okay, I played the game now… And I’ve noticed some things. The morph ball is just a sprite displayed on the screen, at an orthogonal projection, while the actual 3-D projection stays the same. Meaning that if you get too close to a wall, it looks like the morph ball goes right through it, but you can still see it. Actually, if you get too close to a wall while in morph ball, the camera will usually go right through it. Also, whenever you shoot, there always is a second invisible shot that goes more to the right and appears only when it hits an object. It’s a little odd. I also have absolutely no clue what one of the items does, and almost everything in your screenshots I can’t find anywhere in the demo. The morph ball bombs appear below where the camera is instead of where the morph ball is, so you can’t see them unless you move backwards. The collision with the diagonal walls is really weird. And finally, when you die, the screen stays red like you’re being hit until you start playing the level again. So the title screen is all red and everything…

It’s obvious that you’re using the FPS tutorial on the GM website, but don’t worry, everyone starts with that one. Even I did. This is actually better than the first FPS I made. So, good job with it so far :slight_smile:

No, I believe he is using this engine:
Gadget 3d engine
I used it before, very good because it was fake 3d in GM5.3.

Oh, sorry. I thought maybe he was using a tutorial that leads to the exact same result, only using GM6’s 3-D functions, which, judging by the speed of that engine, run much faster. <_<

I didn’t think it was possible to lead people into not learning how 3-D actually works while they still make 3-D games… That gets rid of quite a few people that might become great game designers, simply because they get used to using primitive 3-D engines without learning anything about the subject first.