metroid prime powerbeam glitches

while fighting with an adult sheegoth with the wavebeam,i switched to the powerbeam, and noticed that it was automatically homed in on the sheegoth.

another one is that if you charge the powerbeam, and switch to the wavebeam while still holding the a button and switch back to the powerbeam, it will have a strange blast effect.

sheegots make beams follow him :sweat:

you know, there shell makes the beams homing to him <_<

Like chagi already pointed out, every beam except the plasma beam will home in on a sheegoth’s back.

As for the other one, that one was found AGES ago. You really need to go to It has every glitch/SB/SW that has been found in every Metroid game.

i went thru the regular tactics to kill shegoth; bombs and missiles, and i got the wave beam. i had already finished the game once, and this file was in the third slot. anyway, As soon as i got it i immediately charged it all of the way and shot the reverse wave beam/powerbeem door. Well, i switched back to the power beam, and i could still hear the buzzing effect of the charged wave Beam!!!
it still is happening on every beam/
ice,power,plasma,and wave!!

Anyone know why???

I think its just what version you have the player choise doese not do that.