metroid prime logbook

when I scan all of emperior ing and the last 2 ds’s they show up in the log book but when play my file they disapear whats going on here? :confused:

Maybe you didnt save…?

I saved after the credits

because you can’t save at the endning, it dosen’t work, when i scaned prime in MP1 and won, i played my file sometimes again and then, it wasn’t there! (in the logbook)

Oh yeah, now I remember. What Chagi said.

I tripled checked and yes you can save at the end maybe it’s a glicth?

Yes, it does save at the end… But the scan’s you made when you fought Emperor Ing and Dark Samus don’t show up in the log book. So, yes… Supposedly a glitch.

It’s not a glitch, guys. You save BEFORE the battles, meaning BEFORE you scan them. Saving after you beat them only saves if you’ve unlocked any galleries or anything. It’s not your saved game file that’s saving, it’s for the menu screen. Who’s ever heard of having something scanned before you even meet it?

Exactly, cuz when you play that file after you beat it, you start back BEFORE you fight the last boss. So you can fight him as many times as you want or fight him after you get a better %.