Metroid Prime: Hunters

does anyone know or have a good idea about whats in the game?

If you beat the training you get to see a miniclip of what appears to be Dark Samus.

Post your ideas or anything that you know :smiley:

No, you get a clip of three space pirates shooting an ice trooper.

:unamused: … If you look closely at my post Daz, you can see that i put “appears to be Dark Samus”. That doesnt mean that “it is” Dark Samus, its just what i saw. It sort of looks like her visor on the middle Pirate.

If you’ve actually played the Prime games, you’ll know that the Space PIrates dont have those kind of visors

If you’ve actually played any other Metroid games, you’l see that the pirates change designs at the drop of a hat, and that their faces change too. Commandos had visors, for instance. Plus it plays the pirate battle theme.

Then explain why the middle pirate looks like dark samus in almost all ways

It doesn’t. Dark Samus does not have an arm scythe, shoulder spikes, or two hands. Some pirate armor does.

Dark Samus kills pirates all the time, anyway. She would not work along with them, and if she did recruit pirates for some reason, it would play her theme, not theirs.

Why does the mysterious pirate or creature shoot the power trooper.
and Why would they shoot their own kind.

Maybe they’re going to introduce a new species :smiley:

Maybe you are insane. No offense though.

Maybe it’s because the Trooper isn’t being shot. If you take notice of the sparks flying from over-head, it might be that the Power Trooper gets shocked by the faulty/sparking wires that it hangs on. Although you do see SOMETHING that heads the PT’s way, it could just be the light reflecting or something…

I’ve never seen this scene, considering I suck at Hunters.

How does the make me insane shinobi?

I think your insane :angry: How old are you anyways?

ok, first off, i think it was a power trooper, not an ice trooper. and this is like MP3 right? (at least that’s what i think of it) so that could be Dark Samus in a space pirate suit made especially for it. it could’ve joined with the pirates, and only one of the the other two looked like pirates that i’ve seen (and i’ve played all the games, just like almost everyone else here). so all of this could be entirely possible. i guess we’ll see around August 22.

Dark Samus wouldn’t join with the Space Pirates, and it’s not like they would accept her after she trashed their base on Aether… Also, this is NOT MP3, Metroid Prime 3 hasn’t been announced yet.

To close the rumor, Dark Samus IS NOT in that Hunters movie. As Daz said, Space Pirates change their technology frequently, so it may be a Commando of some sort, or a new Space Pirate design…

1–Not MP3.
2–Ice Trooper.
3–Not Dark Samus.

ok, i’m willing to accept everything except that, THAT WAS A POWER TROOPER! i just watched it, and it looks just like one, it was yellow, big, and ugly. there i’m right. (JK, but it is still a power trooper).

It’s white.

well, i dont know what the problem is, but it’s yellowish for me.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Daz is probably right. If Daz can tell that space pirates wear tights i’m sure he can tell the difference between a power and ice trooper.

They wear metal thongs, not tights. :wink:

Yes Daz, I know that, I just refuse to say a space pirate wears a thong.