Metroid Prime Hunters

Come on, don’t be shy, share your ideas of what Metroid Prime Hunters will be like!

I don’t really have any good ideas other than it’s a new Metroid game for a semi-new system, and the fact that the Electro Lob is…awesome. :O_O:

I did here about that electro lob and it sounds like a killin machine!

The Electro Lob is basically a special weapon that shoots small green electric bomb things from your Arm Cannon and explodes with a radius of about a Bomb, maybe bigger, and about the size of a Power Bomb when charged. It’s been a while since I used it. In Multiplayer, if you hit your opponent, their visor screws up for a few seconds.

Does anybody know when the full version of mphunters comes out?

Nintendo Power expects a March release, says May, so nobody really knows.

Gamestop says August 1st(Wow my birthday) that has to be off though.

G-Sch is a Nintendo employee.

Well, MPH would be kind of useless to me unless it had some sort of single player…because 30-65 feet is NOT fun…

Anyway, I think it’ll be fun as long as they add more Training Missions, or even another type of play mode. I’d also want unlockables out of wazoo, like more movies, areas, maybe even some bonus music thing…

But according to the IGN boards and GameFAQs boards, most people aren’t liking Hunters: First Hunt right now. So I don’t think that it will be too popular…

More or less mainly because it’s alot like a FPS than an FPA now…

If G-Sch actually is an employee, then it will have a storyline based single player.

I still don’t have a DS. I want a DS. meh.

My first assumption when I saw this game was like, what would metroid prime be like were it on n64, except, handheld, and with a different story? If multiplayer is the main aspect, shows what I know.

Both of my sisters have DSs, so I’ve been able to play MPH: First Hunt. Didn’t like it.

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt is so Halo-y. Ugh.

Great, more Halo-haters. :frowning:

I know someone in the Video Game industry and he says the latest demo he’s gotten far surpasses First Hunt, so don’t give up hope yet.

Eh, the release dates are rarely right on anyway. Likely end up somewhere inbetween, eh?

Keep March open my friend says. If there’s any changes I should find out by the end of the month.

I don’t hate Halo, I just don’t want Metroid to turn into Halo. And let’s keep hoping!

Ok my friend said disregard anything that says August. (Especially Gamespot’s august 22nd date and gamestop’s august 1 date). The latest it’ll be out is May, and the earliest will be March. He can’t give me the reason for any delays though.

How’d they get those whacked out dates in the first place?

It happens all the time in the industry. Gamespot is especially prone to post the wrong release dates for almost every game on the site(Edit: Surprise surprise, they actually listened to my E-mail about KH2’s release date).