metroid prime hunters

well another game that i beat. It was relly good.
what do you think of the game? :smiley:>

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is MPH really a fangame? I thought Nintendo made it. ?rthj?rna.

Err, he didn’t say that it was a fangame…

And…there’s another topic for MPH, I think.

Whats that mean?

Well, you could translate it to “you did something wrong here. Fix it.”

Key word being could
But, gud f?rbannat, it gets annoying when people mix languages in posts like you do. It’s confusing for people who don’t understand it, y’know?

That’s the point.

This is not a fan game and needs to be move to General Metroid Disscusstion.
Good job on beating the game.

Like I said. This is not a fangame.