Metroid Prime Hunters Remake

A lot of people (including myself) think the story mode of Hunters sucks, it doesn’t involve any Metroids or Space Pirates and thus the game can’t be genuinely called a Metroid (Prime). So, would it be a good idea to remake the game and make it a worthy Metroid Prime?

I’ve been messing around with C++ for some time now and I want to make a “real” game. For school I’m currently working on a project with some classmates. We want to recreate our school and put it in a game. So far it’s turning out well, but I’m starting losing my motivation and interest for it…

Anyhow, since I begun with C++, I wanted to create a Metroid game. So again: Would it be a good idea to remake Metroid Prime Hunters?

You really can’t possibly hope to make a game that compares to a game created by a team of professional programmers…
It’s a good idea, but it just isn’t about to happen.

I know, but I’m going to try anyway i guess… for the sake of experience.
If i will come far on my own, I might consider making a real project out of it, with a team. But for now I totally agree with you, and leave it a dream. I still want to know more opinions… :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t show your project to the school… they will call the cops… seriously, some kid made a CS:S map based off of their High School. Guess what? They got suspended/expelled/horribly disciplined in some way. And “remaking” Hunters without making Hunters. I don’t know where you are getting at.

i dont get it. are you going to change the story of hunters? why dont you just make another game. or make a SEQUEL to hunters to make it a prime game! :smiley:

or just stop dreaming.
So you have been ‘messing around with C++’?

Do you even know what it takes to just draw a blank window…?

Yes, pretty much keep dreaming.

CFX please don’t do this again. The only way people are going to learn is by trying and here you are telling them not to even try. I don’t want to start a flame war so this is going to be my only post in this topic. CFX please consider others before you post. and NO i’m not mini modding he’s just rude. Thommay I think that this would be a good learning experience for you. Go ahead. ignore CFX he was once at the same level as you. he just became arrogant.

It’s great to see a new C++ programmer these days, but here are some flaws
or problems you might face while doing this.

  1. Metroid Hunters is a complete 3D shooter. Even if you do know C++, it will be impossible to make anything close to this game.

  2. If your project that your making with classmates is getting dull to you, what makes you think you can make a MPH clone, which will no doubt take much longer?

  3. I don’t know how much experience you have with C++, but I really sugest starting off simple. Metroid games are really complex, and if this is your first time coding a game your going to run into some major problems.

Don’t let this discourage you, but it’s probably not going to happen. MPH is too big of a game to remake. If you want to make a Metroid game, I sugest a new 2D game, not a remake (since M2 is already being remade by a team of people).
Antitote, I have to agree with you there. I know CFX is just saying it’s too much for one person to handle, but if this guy really wants to do it, then thats his decision, he might learn much while trying.

1: Yep

2: I want to make a Metroid game. I’m not saying that I can do it, i’m just going to try. I don’ t like the whole idea behind the game I’ m currently working on…

3: I’ve already made some simple games

@Kung-fu guy: Yes, my idea was to give Hunters a ‘better’ story.

@SNIPER: Its a project for school and so the school knows about it, they actually find it a good idea. I know about that story. That story is one of the reasons why i’m losing my motivation for our game. When it’s finished we can’t show it oustide of school, because then it will become a serious issue.

So you’re remaking a game by changing everything that made it what it was and turning it into a clone of the same stale formula as the rest of the series to make it ‘better’?

Hunters was in no way as good as the others, but the story had nothing to do with that…

And even if you disagree, I reiterate–if you’re changing everything, why consider it a remake at all? Why not just make your own game?

It isn’t my intention to change everything.

I’m still considering if it would be better to create a whole new game, but I wanted to know if remaking Metroid Prime Hunters was a good idea… It would save me leveldesign :unamused:

EDIT: Aah forget it, I think it is better to make a whole new game after all… :angry:, yeah that actually sounds nice :stuck_out_tongue:

But the leveldesign WAS one of the reasons it was bad >_>

I’m starting to realize that now… :sweat:. Don’t mind this topic anymore… :unamused:

tO tEh FaNgAmE gRaVeYaRd!1!1!
So you’re just going to continue on your school project or make another completely new game?

lolz… yes i’m going to make a completely new game

Is it going to be a similar engine/style as Metroid Prime Hunters?

Also, good luck, and have fun :smiley:

Thnx :smiley:

It’s going to be similar to Metroid Prime (2)