metroid prime hunters name

can u guys tell me your wi-fi names so i can know when we play wi-fi i can probobly play with one of you guys so i need to know your multiplayer names! :smiley:

mines donut

Mine is Troid92.

What’s the point of randomly picking out people from anywhere in the world to see if you can find a few certain friends to play against, them, though? Friend codes are superior >_>

Mine is ghost.

Jeez…someone buy me a DS now!!!

Cray, or NM_Cray, OR if you play me in like a few weeks it could be 0n3_Cray

NS Halberd. Though i dont have WIFI, and hate MPH, i still play sometimes.

u hate hunters?!? u make kittens everywhere cry ='(

No, i make nintendogs cry. I hate it, because it has no revelance to the metroid story. Fun game though.

K METROID is mine