Metroid Prime: Final Hunt

Ok. I recently started work on my first metroid fan game, called Metroid Prime: Final Hunt. This game is ENTIRELY multyplayer, and will contain many elements from all the metroid prime games. I will be writing this game in FPS Creator. The folowing weapons are planed for use in the game:

1Power Beam
3Wave Beam
4Ice Beam
5Plasma Beam
6Light Beam
7Dark Beam
8Annihhilator Beam (sory if i misspeled that…)
9Volt Driver
13Shock Coil
14Battle Hammer
15Phazon Beam
16What ever weapon Federation Troopers use. Please tell me if you know what it is called.
17-? Whatever weapons are in MP3:C
Each weapon will have its respective afinity boost, just like in hunters.

The weapons, like in MPH, all have a hunter that uses it primarily. those hunters are, in the same order:

Wave Pirat Trooper
Ice Pirat Trooper
Plasma Pirat Trooper
Shadow Pirat
Dark Samus
Federation Trooper
All the hunters from MP3:C

The areas from Hunters will be back, along with new ones from MP1,2,and 3. Ceach hunter will have a stage that is its “home” areana.( ex. Vho for Noxus, or TallonIV for the chozo). If you think of anywhere you would like to see in multyplayer, just tell me. Im open to any sugestions.

I am also planing a Co-Op mode, in wich you and your friends can race to complete a level, fight one of the returning bosses, ect.

Unfortunately, I am not farr enough into develope ment to have any screens, so i guse this is it for now. Have fun!


Seriously, the more the merrier, I guess. Looks like we have competition. :slight_smile: :>_>: :angry:

Don’t fret, Net Mission is far more feasible than this. It’ll probably be easy to use FPS Creator, but the quality… God, I don’t even want to think about it…

God you don’t want to think about it? Not to be a dick or “gay” but lets list
FPS Creator:
Demo in no time
Garanteed quality code
But seriously you are right in some aspects. Using FPS Creator will mean that it will feel more like a normal Quake or UT Deathmatch, but still, I’m all for it. And no, Net Missions will not compete with this. Net Mission is 2d, while this will be 3D.

I probably didn’t elaborate enough for you to understand my meaning.

The code has nothing to do with the quality I’m talking about. I’m refering to the models, levels, sounds, and animations involved. Not only are they alot harder than you might think to make, but apparently this guy doesn’t have a team, so if he does put this together by himself, it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be thrown together. (Unless of course he spends three to five years on it)

Wellif you must know, i do have a team. For some reason though, they requested to be anamous until it is released. Dont know why, but i dont realy care. Also given the fact i will have to beas Mp3C before releasing this, I have a fairly long time to work on this. (in case you dont know, Mp3 will be realeased on winter 07). And curently, the only problem is that the game still has slow points in most of its levels. Also I will be using songs from the prevous prime games, so dont wory about that. I will give more updates when they come.

Uhh, I hope that the music isn’t the actual Prime music… CoughcoughNintendoLegalRightscoughCough

In other words, make your own music/sequences, like P2D.

Well you know what i meant, midis based of prime music… not mp3’s reped directly from the prime games…uh… please dont show nintendo that post…

Due to an unamis vote, this project has been canceled to alow more progress on the upcoming fps game, SHADOW.exe . Sory for any inconvenounces, and if you wish i can post the beta version of SHADOW.exe when it comes out.


I already knew this project would die… Post the FPS Demo,
it sounds interesting.