Metroid Prime: Federation Force

This is some gameplay footage from the unveiling of the newest Metroid game, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, at E3. They’re taking a very, VERY different art-style direction with this one. Apparently people are in an uproar saying “this shouldn’t be called Metroid” and other such things. I think it looks kinda cute. When it’s released, I definitely won’t consider it as canonical as, say, Metroid Prime or Super Metroid, but it fits into the same fun little niche that Metroid Prime: Hunters fit in. It also looks to be co-op, which could be fun. Unfortunately, I don’t do consoles anymore, but I’ll probably be keeping up on the news on this one.

I think it would be a much less controversial title if Nintendo had released years ago for regular DS, such as around when a Metroid Prime Hunters 2 would have been expected. Since we haven’t had a new Metroid game for 5 years, and even that one was a large step away from the usual, fans are starving for the next serious and substantial Metroid. I can completely understand the overwhelmingly disappointed reaction from the community when in its place is an experimental cartoon spin-off with little resemblance to a previous Metroid game other than HUD cosmetics.

It doesn’t help that the E3 Trailer looks like it was made with a low-budget editor. Plain images flash in and out of place in PowerPoint-style, accompanied by low-quality generic movie music. They chose scenes with jarring close-ups of the 3D models that emphasize low-resolution textures. It is not pleasant to watch, and keep in mind that given the barrenness of new Metroid releases, this trailer is introducing the series to many gamers who will immediately assume that Nintendo treats all Metroid Prime games with similar low standards.

Maybe the game will ultimately be great – we can’t know yet, though from the current gameplay footage I am not particularly interested. But I have my fingers crossed that Nintendo responds to the fans by raising their standards, re-evaluating what they have, and bringing back their meticulous attention to detail at every level, which is at least one part of what made Metroid games so critically acclaimed in the past. If it’s going to depart from tradition, it had better do a damn good job of it.

i feel like if they

A) didnt call it a prime game

  1. didnt make it so cartoony

or gave us an actual metroid game also

then people wouldnt be bitching as much
especially that last one, no one would care then

It does fit with Nintendo’s attempt at re-branding their company into the “family-friendly” console maker, though.

Where is Daz, I want to tell him that this game will suck and him tell me that I suck, just like the good old days