Metroid Prime 4…me-4-1796058481

Unfortunately, no footage was shown other than the title teaser. I’m pretty hyped though. I might have to buy a Switch now!

Yeah man its been some time, a long time really. 10 years and hopefully this place will be refresh again.

Also I can’t wait for Metroid Prime 4 and that Metroid Samus Returns

yeah, I am excited about it, although I am a bit sad they didn’t show any gameplay for prime 4. maybe they will do that later down the line. I hope this will signify a come back for the Metroid franchise

Yeah problem is now too many people are focused on Xbox/Sony games and they could care less about it. I talked to someone I play with on xbox he’s a youtube gamer now and he’s like games like Metroid wouldn’t do well in my channel.

I’m sure they will show more later on hopefully gameplay. I really hope whoever’s making it keeps it like the Prime fell.

You should have seen Reddit the day of the announcement, though. Just the title teaser was enough to get multiple front page posts. There’s a lot of people who have been waiting for a new Prime game for a long time. Not to mention Nintendo’s other announcements at E3, which, compared with Microsoft and Sony, who, as far as I can tell have dropped the ball, were equally hype-inducing. Let me just put it this way: If I get a console in the near future, I guarantee you it’ll be a Switch.

They better have some Metroid Prime Hunters into the mix of it. Seeing how Nintendo going to have a paid online services. I’ve reading tones of comments and people think Nintendo is a sinking ship however they are doing good. What’s wrong with the gaming community now is people care way too much about high powered systems and games that have tones of DLCs

Same here I’m getting a Switch soon due to I’m in it for single player family orient fun.

it turns out Retro isn’t making Prime 4, however, I don’t think this is a bad thing. most of the people who worked on the Prime games have left Retro already, so it wouldn’t be the same even if Retro made it. instead, they have a new team working on it. I doubt Nintendo would just hand Metroid over to just any team that asked for it so the new team probably showed that they were capable of making prime 4 in some way beforehand.

They did not show any gameplay because the game does not exist yet. My guess would be that development started within the last 6 months tops. Probably are not even out of pre-production.

I guess now that a Direct’s been announced, there’s a small chance we could see some gameplay.

I’m betting $5 on no.

im hoping yes, assuming no

“Now, it’ll be a bit hard to reach our destination on foot. But luckily, here we have a gunship.”
“Oh, Eponaship. Long time no see. […] This is a densely wooded area.”
“Yet, I’m hardly touching the control stick.”
“You’re not touching it?”
“Yeah and I won’t hit any trees. Real gunships don’t run into trees very often.”

I don’t think we’ll be getting a years-early gameplay discussion video like we did with Zelda.

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I stand by my argument that development had only just started, if at all, with the announcement video. So chances are pre-production ended relatively recently, which would mean there might not even be any gameplay to show yet.