Metroid Prime 4 the return of Dark Samus

If you have any ideas on like theme and stuff tell me. I’d really like some ideas. I’ll mention your name on the title screen aswell.

This isn’t the right section to post this in. Moving the topic to “Fangames”

20 bucks says this is just an idea in this guy’s head and will never see any more than a basic story and a hypothetical outline of gameplay.

Of course it is, but he’s perfectly allowed to post his ideas. Who knows, maybe he actually does have something to show?

I’d love it if he randomly posts a fully working and detailed demo.

I may or may not give him $1.

Wasn’t Metroid Prime a trilogy with a beautiful ending that made sense? I think so.

Why resurrect it? I’d love to hear a basic story outline.

yea alright ppl ive seen some comments and well there are other metroid games and im working on a demo atm but the theme needs more work and well its hard to come up with stuff without help when there are so many others.

It is hard to think up stories, and do all that work yourself, thats very true. But before you ask for help, it’s always a good idea to have some amount of work shown for yourself to prove that your serious.

Oh I’ve got an idea. It’s been on my drawing board ever since mp3 came out. the game is called Metroid Prime 4: The Revenge of Dark Samus. Basically, it turns out that Dark Samus didn’t actually die. It hid itself while trying to repair itself. Only this time, it no longer needs to rely on Phazon. The Federation tells Samus to capture Dark Samus and to bring it in for questioning. So Samus heads off into space to search for Dark Samus. Problem is that… Yep you guessed it. Ridley’s back! Ridely shoots down Samus’s ship and it falls into an unknown planet. Samus wakes up on an island with all her abilities lost. She walks around the island, recovering her abilites and defeating enemies. She soon finds a smoke monster attacking her and flying around the island. The smoke monster is the game’s penultimate boss. After the defeat of the smoke monster, it turns out… yep that’s right… that the smoke monster is actually Dark Samus! Ohhhh snap! Cue dramatic music! So samus fights dark samus. Dark samus wins and starts beating samus and tearing her armor apart. Dark samus then takes a huge stick and shoves it up Samus’s ass. The next morning, we see blood splashing out of Samus’s ass with Dark Samus flying away to fight the Federation… To be Continued in Metroid Prime 5: Revenge of the Federation.

In other news, I’ll be having my 20 bucks.

i lol’d