Metroid Prime:4 Rebirth of Dark Samus

After the events of Metroid Prime 3:Corruption, A group of Rouge Space Pirate went looking for missing phazon particles of Dark Samus. They went to every single planet that you visist in Metroid Prime 3:Corruption, However the GF had intercept a transmission that had there plan, by there top hacker train to intercept any Space Pirate signals, And they learn about the Space Pirates plot to restore Dark Samus. They contact Samus and Rundus to investigate what are the Pirates planing to do with Dark Samus return…

I have came up with that Idea about last month and took me awhile to make the main story plot.

…Samus hadn’t met U-Mos until MP2E, MPH happens before MP2E.

As if fangames nowadays actually have relevence to the cannon of Metroid (save for Samus) :unamused:

Maybe he maen that this happens after Metroid Prime 2: Echoes??? :confused:

The hunters can’t be allies, some of them hate Samus (believe Sylux and Weavel) so there’s no way they’d befriend her.

Yeah Sylux and Weavel hate her allot :smiley:

Probably should have waited for MPH 2 to actually exist :sweat:

lol, after as many time i killed samus with the imperialist, there is no way she would be my friend

Weavel holds a massive grudge against her (obviously–she DID destroy his body after all), and Sylux just hates her guts for unknown reasons. Trace just wants to kill everyone and take over whatever he can. Noxus is too proud to ally anyone unless it’s something like the battle with Gorea, where failure could mean the destruction of the universe. Kanden cares nothing for anything besides self-preservation and glory… Spire’s the only one I can see helping anyone, really…

And what do the pirates and luminoth have to do with anything? Sounds like this is another case of “lets stick random metroid things into a game and stuff it chock full of coolness with no regard for making sense yay durhee :B” to me…

The last boss when they help you and the last one has 45,950 HP wich I’m still trying to figure out what it looks like and the name for it. MPH happen after MP2E.
Mabye I should change the name of the game? like metroid oblivion or metroid apocalypse

WOTW, get your facts together.

I’m pretty sure the current known timeline has MPH inbetween MP and Echoes.

Yup. Exactly. Why else would I have said that in two other posts?

Tell me your sources, Coolman.

simply look it up on wikipedia, trust coolman (though that is probably not coolman’s sources)

Dazzy, and Wikipedia.

And I got it from Nintendo itself…

laughs, hail to wikipedia!

and Dazzy

another game that will never get finished