Metroid Prime 3

Should Metroid Prime 3 have a different name or stay the way it is?

  • Yes, it would continue a good series of games.
  • No, Metroid Prime’s long dead. It’s time they made a new series.
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I, for one, vote No, because unless they somehow resurrect Metroid Prime in the third one, the name should change.

that would be… interesting :metroid: although all they need to do is have dark samus. (look at favorite cut scenes)

Metroid Prime was already resurrected. They need to make a third. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention they already have a demo-typ cutscene from it made.

I like the name the way it is

Metroid Prime 3 for sure. Must…see…Dark…Samus…on…the…REVOLUTION :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think they should quit the whole Prime series
and continue after Fusion.

They can’t end a series on such a cliffhanger…

i totally agree on that Daz. and i also agree to what you said above^(dont mind my crappy arrow)
{} :slight_smile:

i think they should stop making prime games after mp:3, then start making a series that takes place after fusion.

yup…making series after fusion for revolution

Indeed. If they don’t make the game first I’ll make a fangame for it.

Metroid: Redemption (a.k.a: Metroid: Fusion II)

The Idea for the game is still a work in progress but it’s a solid idea.

They set us up at a cliffhanger so there has to be at least one more, but it would just get dull if they kept going along with basically the same idea (evil metroid goes into a chozo suit after it dies and never dies after that so it keeps going and going)

but if they changed the concept around, it would stay interesting…for a while

C’mon guys did any of u beat MP2 on 200%? Dark Samus (a.k.a. Metroid Prime) survived. Therefore its only logical that they bring her back for MP3.

And at E3 they showed a clip ending in the number 3 now how many metroid series have had only two games so far.

Like some of you said, Metroid Prime
3 should be the last Prime Game.
After that they should continue after Fusion.

And Metrois Master, there is already a fangame
callled Metroid Redemption and it is also Metroid Fusion.
You might want to change the name.

Yeah I know. I’ve beaten it. I just don’t have any other name ideas. Wait…

How bout: Metroid: Infiltration (Metroid: Fusion II)

sounds fascinating! :laughing:

The title is based on the plot. You have to infiltrate the GF headquarters to steal evidence that will proove your innocence.

why would u infiltrate anything. Just walk up to the station ring the doorbell and blow the crap out of the gfed troopers. Samus doesnt have to be stealthy she’s got a friggin chozo powersuit.

Yeah but that would alert the armies (by silent alarm) and then they would blow the shit outta Samus.